Exploring 43 Trendy Jumbo Box Braid Style

Exploring 43 Trendy Jumbo Box Braid Style


As a style-conscious woman, I'm always on the lookout for hairdos that let me express my individuality and enhance my allure. When I found jumbo box braids, I knew it was the perfect style for me! These big braids make me stand out and show off my fashionable side, make me feel excited and confident in my style choices. Moreover, they could last a long time if I take good care of them.

With jumbo box braids, I can not only try different colors and patterns but also change up my look every day and feel like a star. Any woman who wants to show off her individuality should try them too. Now, together with me, to explore 40 trendsetting  jumbo box braids!

1. Classic Jumbo Box Braids

The essence of jumbo box braids lies in their thick, no-nonsense construction. Typically constructed with extensions matching one's roots for a seamless blend, these simple strands part neatly down the center or wing gracefully off to one side. The style's unfussy versatility allows dressing up or down - wear braids straight as an evening waterfall, or gather them casually at the nape for daytime ease.

A pre-braided wig provides the ultimate shortcut for flaunting this backbone look immediately. Just pop it on and perfect the part for an instantaneous transformation, with zero commitment if whims change on the morrow. Naturally complementing all, this go-to classic large knotless braids wig built on bountiful bundles ticks versatility's every box - and requires not a single strand of actual hair to achieve.

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2. Ombre Jumbo Box Braids

Ombre coloring gives a beautiful faded look to your hair, with dark roots that gradually transition into lighter ends. This technique adds gorgeous dimension and style to braided hairstyles. Giant box braids look especially stunning with ombre, as the color gracefully fades from root to tip.

Popular ombre shades on black hair include caramel, with warm brown hues melting into blonde; chestnut, featuring rich reddish-browns ombreing into lighter copper; and burgundy, with vibrant red-purples fading into softer rosé tones. The seamless gradient of color makes braids appear naturally sun-kissed. Ombre works well on all hair textures and lengths.

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3. Blonde Jumbo Box Braids

For fair-skinned ladies wanting to command attention with warmth and finesse, golden box braids make the perfect halo. Whether a cool platinum blonde or richer honey-toned hue, the yellow gold shade sings off paler complexions. You'll radiate amidst any crowd like a shining treasure. Those predilecting subtlety can highlight darker braids with scattered wisps of gold woven artfully throughout.

Full lace wigs provides the ultimate try-before-you-commit solution, allowing exploration of this sun-kissed look without long-term dye damage. Whichever road you choose - full or fanciful - rest assured golden locks will have all gazing after your glowing, gilded beauty.

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4. Jumbo Box Braids with Curly Ends

Adding curls or waves to the lower half of jumbo braids creates a beautiful voluminous, curly style. This half straight, half curly look is achieved by braiding the hair down to the nape of the neck or mid-back, then switching to curling or waving the ends. The curled ends help prevent the braids from looking too stiff or blunt.

There are several methods for curling the ends - you can use flexi-rods, braid the hair while wet, or use a curling iron. The size of the curls or waves can range from tight ringlets to loose, bouncy waves, depending on personal preference.


5. Goddess Jumbo Box Braids

Goddess braids beautifully combine jumbo box braids with curly tendrils around the face for a flattering, feminine look. Loose curls or tight ringlets are left out to softly frame the face, contrasting with the straight braided length. These face-framing tendrils add a touch of charm and softness, while the goddess braids maintain a polished, put-together style.

Goddess braids are perfect for making a statement at special events or nights out, with the gorgeous curls adding a flirty, romantic vibe. The curled tendrils help accentuate facial features in a delicate way, while drawing attention to beautiful cheekbones, eyes and smile.

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6. Jumbo Knotless Box Braids

Knotless braids have a seamless look and as the name suggests, they are installed without knots or bulky braid tails. The smooth, sleek appearance of knotless jumbo box braids promotes a tidy, polished aesthetic. Compared with other Knotless Braids, it tends to be lighter and requires less maintenance too.


7. Jumbo Havana Twist Braids

The Havana Twist is a creative variation of box braids that incorporates twisted hair extensions, adding beautiful texture and interest. To achieve this look, two strands of kanekalon hair are twisted together before braiding, creating a bumpy, rope-like effect. The twisting process gives the hair extensions more body and dimension compared to regular box braids.

Jumbo Havana Twists are especially eye-catching, with the large, voluminous twisted braids making a fun statement. This large knotless box braids style give off a cool, beachy vibe while still looking neat and styled. Havana Twists work well on all hair lengths and textures, and side or middle parts can customize the look.

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8. Jumbo Box Braids with Colored Hair Extensions

Why limit yourself to a single hue when multiple colors options are more fun? Brightly hued hair extensions bring jumbo braids lively vibrancy. Get inventive with colorful streaks, thick dye jobs or blended ombres ranging from cardinal to cerulean, rose to fuchsia.

Harmonious shades blended together imbue the braids with radiant, rainbow flair. The bolder the color pop, the more eyes will follow these large, lively braids as their wearer moves with confidence and verve. Multiple vivid colors injected creative verve into the braided style.


9. Half-up, Half-down Jumbo Box Braids

Half Up Half Down Box Braids Bun Hairstyles | Pretty-Hairstyles.com

This half-up, half-down ‘do is achieved by pulling the top portion of jumbo box braids into a high ponytail or bun and leaving the rest hanging freely. This adds versatility, allowing you to alternate between an up or down style. It also keeps braids from feeling too heavy. You can left the ponytail straight or adorned with curls or accessories.

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10. Jumbo Box Braid Bob

For short hair lovers, jumbo box braids can be fashioned into a bob by extending braids only to the nape of the neck. A chin or shoulder-length bob allows you to enjoy the look of long box braids without all the weight. You can also pair with side-swept bangs or an asymmetrical part to make it more allure.


11. Jumbo Box Braid Top Knot Bun

Wearing your braids in a messy topknot bun can elevate a basic braid. You can wrap the braid into a large bun to make it more striking and defined. Just leave shorter braids fall loose around the face for a softer look. This almost effortless updo takes braids from boring to beautiful.

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12. Curved Part Jumbo Box Braids

A creative curved side part amps up the visual interest of jumbo box braids. This inventive zigzag part adds angles and asymmetry. Sweeping the part from the center over to one side creates dynamic lines and shape. Additionally, the curved part modernizes braids in an artistic way.


13. Jumbo Box Braid Heart

For a romantic take, braiders can shape jumbo box braids into a heart. This is achieved by parting hair down the middle, then sectioning two front pieces to be braided into the curved, symmetrical form of a heart. Heart-shaped braids framed by loose curls make a darling style for date night.

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14. Jumbo Box Braid Faux Hawk

Faux hawks feature braids swept up to mimic a mohawk. Creating a jumbo box braid faux hawk involves braiding hair at the crown and sides, then gathering it into a tall, centered crest down the back. Leaving front and nape hair unbraided frames the faux hawk. This edgy style makes braids more daring.


15. Jumbo Box Braid Crown

A braided crown takes styling to bold new royal heights. Intricately weaving thick locks like a halo of braids stacked steeply atop the head results in a sculptural masterpiece most fitting for those claiming their throne. For jumbo varieties, the towering crown is often complemented with a showstopping cascading waterfall of a braid trailing down the back, further amplifying opulence.

Together this unique updo pairs sculptural art atop with glorious length beneath, commanding total veneration from all those lay eyes upon its wearer. Truly fit for kings and queens, this styled ascent to glory transforms mere hair into a living crown as befits only the most eminent of heads of state.

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16. Jumbo Feed-In Box Braids

The feed-in technique seamlessly merges one's own locks with extensions through skillful sectioning. Thin strands of natural hair are expertly woven between thicker braided strands, resulting in a mosaic of textures. Its intrinsic blending allows ladies to showcase their innate sheet's personality while rocking voluminous jumbo box braids.

Whether displaying soft curls or tight coils, a woman's quintessential quality shines through thanks to the targeted interspersion. Through its fusion of dimensions, this styling presents an artfully natural finish that flaunts individualism within the crowd-pleasing format of bold, bountiful braids.


17. X-Shaped Jumbo Box Braids

Making jumbo box braids cross in an X-shape adds eye-catching geometry. These braids involve parting hair into triangular sections before braiding on a diagonal. Pieces can cross at the crown, nape, or midway down. For extra pizzazz, use extensions in contrasting colors.

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18. Jumbo Box Braid Bangs

Nothing freshens a familiar braided style like a sweep of strategic bangs. Whether blunt straight across the forehead or cascading at an angle in an inwards-swept fringe, a thick curtain of frontage frames the face flatteringly. Wefted in the same hue to blend, or stood out in a contrasting pop, bangs heighten interest above the same aged jumbo locks. But for an alluring accentuation, elongate strands flowing to the cheeks, weave them flush within the thickest braids. Now honeyed eyes shine unobstructed, features fine-tuned in their flattery. Buzzing with an enchanting, easy appeal, extra long swept sides harbinger intrigue at first sight alone.


19. Half-Braided Jumbo Box Braids

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Why choose between braids and curls when you can have both? Leaving hair unbraided from top to mid-length allows curls to cascade over braids. Braiding only the bottom half results in a tapered look that’s versatile and carefree. Furthermore, extra large rods on the curly part enhance this hairstyle.

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20. Jumbo Senegalese Twist Box Braids

While Senegalese twists shun traditional braiding, their coily technique ropes strands together with superb textural results. Meshing these narrow rope-like twists with the fuller diameter of chunky box braids produces a winning hair duo with beauty in contrasts. Commonly, fine two-strand twists are woven atop the head, their spiraled coils gripping close in slender hold.

Meanwhile downstairs, below the crown's twisted territory, thick box braids take over, fortifying the back and sides in their familiar bundled structure. Where they meet and merge, a play of dimensions dazzles the eye. Together this balancing act boasts bountiful texture, tone and complexity with everyday ease - an effortless style that lets natural cords play alongside their braided brethren.


21. Jumbo Box Braids with Beads

Small beads threaded onto the ends of jumbo box braids add accessorizing flair. Wooden beads in shapes like spheres, cylinders and cubes work well to avoid weighing hair down. Additionally, the beads clack together, creating a beautiful sound when in motion. Leave beads matching hair color for subtlety or go bright and bold.

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22. Jumbo Butterfly Box Braids

These imaginative braids are styled into a butterfly shape. Hair is sectioned into a wide upper and lower “wing”, with braids angled up and out like wings. Braids may be gathered into a "body" at the lower crown. Butterfly braids look gorgeous curled at the wingtips and accessorized with jewels or ribbons.


23. Jumbo Box Braids with Wrap-Around Braid

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Take braids up a notch with a wraparound braid that forms a headband effect. Braiding horizontally along the hairline and wrapping it over the forehead adds striking sophistication. This wraps elegantly across the front and secures the hair. Choose a matching or accent color for the wraparound.

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24. Jumbo Mermaid Wave Box Braids

Mermaid waves are achieved by braiding damp hair in undulating S-shaped sections. When dry, the braids morph into buoyant mermaid curls. Jumbo box braids get a beachy, aquatic vibe from this technique. Furthermore, accent colors blended in give added mermaid magic.


25. Jumbo Box Braid Fishtail

Fishtail braids involve crossing small sections of hair over one another into the shape of a fish skeleton down the back. Jumbo box braids given the fishtail treatment have an intricate, woven look. This merging of techniques makes for an elaborate finished style.

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26. Face-Framing Highlight Braids

Strategically placed thin braids that frame the face look chic with jumbo box braids. Smaller braids sweeping along the hairline, part or temples serve to accentuate facial features. Braiding a few strands adds delicate detail.


27. Jumbo Box Braid Updo Bun

Buns crafted from jumbo box braids make stunning updos. Braids can be smoothly wrapped into a neat bun, crisscrossed into a textured bun or parted into dual high buns. Mini braids, cuffs and beads can decorate buns for extra panache.

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28. Stacked Jumbo Box Braids

Stacking jumbo box braids atop one another amps up the drama. Creating height at the crown by piling braids in graduated sizes makes braids pop off the head. In summary, stacked box braids make a striking sculptural statement.

29. Knotless jumbo box braids 

Knotless jumbo box braids are a sleek, seamless take on the classic jumbo braid look. As the name suggests, it is installed without knots or bulky braid tails. This gives it a smooth, polished finish. Among knotless jumbo box braids, Small Knotless Braids in particular create a tidy, fuss-free look that is lightweight and requires minimal maintenance. The small, tight braids have a clean tailored appearance that lays flat against the scalp.

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30. Jumbo Box Braid Top Knot Ponytail

Combining a slick top knot with a high ponytail gives this style two textures. This jumbo box hairstyle used to have braids secured tightly into a knot at the crown, then fall freely into a ponytail. The sleek contrast between the gathered knot and loose pony is cool and contemporary.


31. Jumbo Box Braid Faux Locs

For faux locs, jumbo box braids are installed using the crochet method. This involves feeding braided hair into crocheted cornrows with a latch hook. Installing them as faux locs roughens up the look with bold texture. Furthermore, the faux loc style gives the impression of natural locs while utilizing braided extensions.

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32. Scarf Tied Jumbo Box Braids

Tying a silk scarf, headwrap or turban around the front of jumbo box braids styles them with retro flair. Bright patterns and colors complement braids beautifully. Additionally, this traditional touch protects edges and completes the look.


33. Jumbo Box Braids with Wire Wrap

Wrapping thin wire, cord or jeweled chains around one or two braids adds striking metallic accessories. Silver, gold and jewel-toned wires adorn braids with regal elegance. Moreover, the wire wraps braids together at the end for security.

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34. Jumbo Box Braid Ponytail or Pigtails

Rocking all your braids in one giant ponytail or pigtails is an easy way to style them. Pulling braids straight back into a ponytail contains them while allowing length to swish freely. Splitting into two high pigtails amps up the playful vibe.


35. Waterfall Jumbo Box Braids

Waterfall braids derive their name from the lushly layered way each strand emerges gracefully from the last, mimicking the smooth flow of a silken cascade. By braiding these flush formations in perfect concentric circles down the rear of the crown, jumbo box varieties are sculpted into rippling works of hydraulic art. The sweeping strands stream enviably, one into the next, carving deep channels that flux and ebb with vital volatility.

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36. Mohawk Jumbo Box Braids

This edgy style involves braiding hair on the sides to meet in a point at the apex of the head, like a Mohawk. Jumbo box braid Mohawks make braids punk rock. Furthermore, shave designs etched on the sides highlight the dramatic shape.


37. Jumbo Box Braids with Bun Cuffs

No accessory outshines a glimmering row of bun cuffs for finalizing braided styles with coveted flair. These hinged hair coils instantly upgrade even the plainest braided ‘do from mundane to magnificent. Crafted from high-shine metals, gemstones or glittering crystals, bun cuffs snap closed around thick braid ends, adding the perfect tailored polish. Whether selected in complementary rich gold, sleek silver or a cascade of iridescent rhinestones, similar to medium box braids, their placement ensures braids are sealed with luxurious shine from root to tip.

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38. Jumbo Box Braid Lob (Long Bob)

The long bob, or lob, haircut elevates the basic bob with additional inches dangling just past the jawline. Landing anywhere between collarbones and shoulders, a lob adds increased movement and fluidity with each turn of the head. When fashioned from thick jumbo box braids, this moderate length unleashes their swinging potential while avoiding excess bulk or weight dragging down sensitive scalps.

Their swinging bounce lends an easygoing charm to any ensemble. Neither too short nor too lengthy, braids trimmed to lob-style perfection strike the ideal balance - challenging yet unfussy, eye-catching yet comfortable enough for daily wear. In short, the lob emerges as the Goldilocks length for maximum enjoyment of jumbo braids.


39. Bandana-Wrapped Jumbo Box Braids

Nothing enhances jumbo braids' retro flair like a vibrantly patterned bandana. Whether folded into a simple headband, artfully wrapped as a scarf, or tied into a unique topknot, these versatile squares of fabric infuse any braided style with nostalgic charm. An array of graphic prints and geometric paisleys impart eye-catching visual interest to thick locks.

Beyond abundant aesthetic appeal, bandanas impart handy practicality. Their cotton weave absorbs moisture from scalps kept cool and refreshed. Exposed braided edges remain protected and conditioned. Countless creative wrapping and securement techniques provide endless reshaping possibilities, allowing looks to evolve from one day to the next. For protective panache and endless versatility, no accessory outshines a colorful bandana.

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40. Extra Long Jumbo Box Braids

When it comes to make the ultimate shocking statement, nothing compares to extra long jumbo box braids. Cascading far past shoulders to swing victoriously at the waist or sweep dramatically across curvy hips, these longest of locks leverage both lengthened strands and voluminously bundled thickness to steal the attention of any onlooker. A veritable work of braided art drooping in dense, textured tendrils almost to the knees, the longer-than-long braids command the eye with their sheer visually arresting scale.

More than mere hair, they emerge as a bold extension of the confident wearer's audacious personality. With these showstopping tresses rippling behind you in lush waves with every emphatic step, hold your head high and shake the length for all to see - your braids and your brazen spirit shine as one.

41.Spiral jumbo box braids

Spiral jumbo box braids are a creative take on the classic large braided style. By twisting or coiling sections of the braided strands as they are woven, these braids are given an extra dimensional, rope-like appearance along their lengthy shapes. The spiraled effect sculpts the thick plaits into eye-catching formations that deviate from straight strands. Whether tightly coiled or loosely winding, Spiral jumbo braids inject visual panache through their winding sculpted texture.

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42.Jumbo box braids with extensions

Jumbo box braids with extensions take the voluminous style to a new level of thickness. Various additional hair pieces like clip-ins, tapes or interlocking wefts are intricately interwoven into the braided strands. This boosts the braids' density and fullness with blended textures. Complementing the natural hair with colors and textures allows styling flexibility. The dimensional interspersion of extension hair makes for braids that are lushly layered with no limit to their potential for dramatic body and style transformation.

43.Joint braid jumbo box braids

Joint braid jumbo box braids showcase the braider's technical skills through an creatively connected patterning. Instead ofstandalone strands, sections of the thick braids are knotted or woven together, resulting in interlocking pieces laid along the scalp or length. This adds an insignia of distinction with a elaborate lattice appearance not seen in traditional braids. The interconnected segments craft dimensionality through texture, easily turning simple jumbo braids into a head-turning structure of woven brilliance.

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Maintenance Tips for Jumbo Box Braids


1. Apply leave-in conditioner and sealant oils like jojoba or coconut daily to moisturize braids and scalp, focusing especially on the ends. Proper moisture prevents dryness and breakage.

2. Use a sulfate-free, gentle shampoo 1-2 times per week to cleanse braids. Avoid over-washing, which can strip natural oils.

3. Gently detangle braids with a wide-tooth comb or fingers during conditioning treatments, which prevents knotting and matting of hair.

4. Sleep with a silk bonnet or pillowcase. The smooth fabric minimizes friction that causes frizz and breakage overnight.

5. Secure braids loosely in a ponytail or pineapple style before bed, which contains the braids to prevent tangling as you sleep.

6. Get braids re-tightened every 4-6 weeks by a professional as regular maintenance keeps the style neat and fresh.

7. Use styling products as needed to smooth fly aways and maintain edges.

8. Trim braid ends occasionally if they become ragged and this keeps ends healthy.



When it comes to rocking stylish, head-turning jumbo box braids, having high-quality hair extensions and a talented braider is key. While installing various box braids on your own natural hair allows you to better maintain your roots, the process can be lengthy and technically challenging to do on yourself. This is where companies like FANCIVIVI come in handy.

FANCIVIVI is a brand that creates premium braided wigs designed specifically for black women who want to achieve the look and versatility of jumbo box braids without the hassle. Except for jumbo box braids, you can also explore other hairstyles, such as pop smoke braids in their website. FANCIVIVI features a wide selection of handcrafted lace front braided wigs made with high-quality Japanese synthetic fiber. This makes their wigs lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.

FANCIVIVI's jumbo box braids wigs come pre-styled in various hot runway looks like ombre color melts, curly ends, and trendy shapes. Their adjustable strap sizes and glueless installations ensure a customizable, secure fit that lays naturally on your head. Wearing one of their flawlessly crafted wigs allows you to instantly transform your look for work, a night out, vacation and more. So explore their collections to pick out a style that perfectly complements your personal fashion sense!