Human Hair vs Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

Human Hair vs Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

For many people looking to switch up their style with wigs, one of the biggest decisions is whether to go for human hair or synthetic hair. Both have their pros and cons when it comes to factors like styling versatility, longevity, and maintenance. Lace front wigs in particular, with their invisible hairlines, have become a popular choice for creating natural looking hairstyles.

When it comes to human hair versus synthetic lace fronts, there’s a lot to consider in order to choose the best option for preferences like braided wigs for black women. Hair wigs are made from real human hair collected from donors. The hair is collected in ponytails then processed, cleaned, and sewn into wigs. The hair most closely resembles the appearance, texture, and movement of natural hair because it was originally placed on a real person's head. Human hair wigs can be heated, colored, cut, and styled in the same ways as a person's own natural hair. Their ability to be used to create a variety of looks is unparalleled.

Nonetheless, the greatest upkeep and attention are also needed for human hair wigs. To keep them in good condition, they need to be routinely air dried, gently shampooed, and conditioned. It's also crucial to stay away from harsh chemicals and direct heat. Human hair wigs tend to be more expensive because they are made from real hair, especially when it comes to longer lengths or more complex designs like lace fronts. They also don’t last forever and need to replaced every 1-2 years depending on care.

Synthetic wigs offer an accessible and low maintenance alternative. They are constructed from synthetic fibers like kanekalon rather than human hair. The fibers are designed to mimic certain hair textures and appearances. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and cannot be heat styled or chemically altered. However, the synthetic fibers make the wigs more durable and less prone to damage from styling.

The fibers are also designed to retain their style even after washing, so synthetic wigs require less daily styling and maintenance. Synthetic lace front wigs deliver a flawless hairline without detectives clips or adhesives. Since they aren’t made from scarce and expensive human hair, synthetic wigs tend to cost much less than human hair options. They can last upwards of a year with proper care before needing to be replaced.

Since synthetic wigs are less expensive and require less maintenance than human hair, those who are new to wearing wigs frequently begin with these options. They provide a simple and cost-effective way to try out new looks and styles. Still, there are some disadvantages. The fibers may seem more lustrous and manufactured. In addition, synthetic wigs are more likely to tangle and have fixed styles.

So, which is preferable, synthetic or human hair? In terms of lace front wigs, each has advantages. It mostly boils down to lifestyle choices and personal preferences. When choosing between synthetic lace fronts and human hair, keep the following points in mind:

Appearance and Styling Versatility

If you want the most natural look and endless styling options, human hair lace fronts deliver. The real hair can be parted anywhere, colored, flat ironed, curled and more. Synthetic fibers have come a long way but may still look shinier or less realistic. With human hair, you can truly style it as your own with heat tools and products without damage.

Affordability and Longevity

Synthetic lace front wigs tend to cost significantly less than human hair. They may not last quite as long for those prioritizing protective braided wigs, but can still endure daily wear for up to a year with proper care. Human hair wigs require a bigger investment upfront, but that investment pays off with their longevity for heavy protective braided wig wearers. With gentle care, human hair wigs can last several years since the hair does not degrade over time like synthetics.


Those willing to spend time washing, conditioning, and styling their wig will appreciate human hair. The real hair requires more regular upkeep to look its best. For those who want an easy, wash-and-go style, synthetic fibers require little daily maintenance beyond an occasional wash. Synthetic wigs offer convenience for busy lifestyles.

Lifestyle Needs

If you lead an active lifestyle or plan to wear your wig daily, whether for braided wigs for black women or boho braids, a synthetic lace front may hold up better to regular wear and tear. The synthetic fibers are more durable than real hair with frequent use. Those wanting a wig for occasional use or special events, or to achieve specific styles like boho braids, may want to splurge on human hair since they won't be subjecting it to daily wear.


With human hair, you can truly make the wig your own by cutting, coloring and styling it however you please. Synthetic wigs come with a set style. But human hair offers personalization to complement your looks and moods.


For those with sensitive scalps, human hair lace fronts tend to be more comfortable for all-day wear since they breathe better. Synthetic fibers may cause overheating or irritation over time. Go for a high quality human hair wig if comfort is a priority.

Ultimately, there are benefits to both synthetic lace front wigs and actual hair. Synthetic wigs are low maintenance and a cheap place to start when experimenting with hairpieces. For those who are prepared to spend the money, human hair wigs offer an extremely realistic appearance and unmatched adaptability. It all boils down to lifestyle requirements, financial constraints, and personal taste.

Many additionally decide to acquire synthetic and human hair wigs. The best of all worlds is having wigs in different styles to fit various demands. It's important to comprehend both possibilities before making a lace front wig purchase. Read reviews, do your homework, and have reasonable expectations. Both human hair and synthetic lace fronts may help you achieve countless attractive hairstyles with the right maintenance.

After doing extensive research on both human hair and synthetic options, brands like FANCIVIVI offer high-quality synthetic lace front wigs perfect for beginners. Their knotless braid wigs made from premium Japanese fibers create a natural, flawless look without the high cost and maintenance of human hair.

If you’re looking to experiment with protective braided styles and lace fronts, FANCIVIVI’s synthetic wigs give you quality and versatility at an affordable price point.