Tips for accessorizing and caring for Tribal Braids

Tips for accessorizing and caring for Tribal Braids


I had always wanted to venture outside of my comfort zone and do something daring like tribal braids because I was such a big lover of the elaborate braided hairstyles found in African cultures. However, because of my hectic schedule and my lack of experience braiding, I never felt courageous enough to commit. That is, until I learned about the easy way to get a black woman's braided wig.

Wigs have allowed me to dip my toe into braided waters safely, experimenting with styles at my own pace without stressing over the details. Knowing I could simply change up my look by switching out wigs eliminated the pressure I felt trying complicated braids on my natural hair. Many brands offered top-quality, ready-to-wear braided wigs in all varieties - from traditional box braids to boho braids to vivid knotless braid wigs.

Empowered by the protective and creative options wigs provide, I finally felt ready to add some tribal flair. After browsing braids collection online, the intricate Fulani braids caught my eye. Inspired by the nomadic Fulani tribes of West Africa, their sculptural braided crowns anchored with geometric shapes seemed like artistic self-expression. I decided it was time to push past fears of judgment and rock these braids with pride in my culture.

Becoming an Accessory Queen

As fun as wearing striking braids is, I also wanted to accessorize them beautifully. When rocking dramatic styles, accessories can make or break the look, either pulling everything together cohesively or clashing messily. Knowing the right pieces to accent tribal braids takes some consideration.

I started with statement jewelry like bold bead necklaces, chunky gold chains, and elaborate earrings. These draw the eye upward and balance out the volume on top. For Fulani braids in particular, incorporating beads woven throughout or dangling from the braids adds vintage charm.

Scarves are another must-have when rocking tribal braids. I prefer thin, lightweight scarves in vibrant prints like Anthropic's 100% cotton options. These effortlessly frame the face without adding bulk. To tie, start with the ends even on both sides behind your neck. Loop one end under and up, then back behind your neck and through the front loop.

Headbands featuring African prints, macramé, or beading work well too. I like styles with an elastic backing for security rather than plain cloth that can slip. These accentuate features without weighing braids down.

Finally, don't forget about nails! Statement hands complement statement hair. For daytime, try almond shapes painted in dynamic patterns or dotted with gems. At night, go glam with stiletto tips dripping in rhinestones. Your whole ensemble will feel pulled together effortlessly.

Self-Care for Braided Glory

Taking proper care of tribal braids, whether in my natural hair or a braided wig, ensures their vibrant life. A few essential steps keep styles looking fresh for weeks:

1. Rinse braids 1-2x weekly with conditioner to moisturize without stripping textures

2. Spritz styles daily with a leave-in comprised mostly of water to hydrate

3. Gently remove shed hairs using fingers or a spool brush

4. Smooth any frizzies with oil, focusing on the ends

5. Protect styles overnight in a silk bonnet or scarf

6. Refresh ends every 7-10 days by dipping in warm water

7. For wigs, additionally wash 1-2x monthly per instructions

It's essential to keep styles hydrated. A thicker, creamy oil, such as mielle babassu or honey, helps seal in moisture throughout the winter months. As the weather gets warmer, As I Am's Coconut Cowash, a lightweight water-based moisturizer, replenishes without causing accumulation.

Style protectant sprays provide a sun and weather cover for days spent outside. Weekly deep conditioning hair masks for braids help them regain suppleness in between installs. Braids that receive tiny amounts of everyday maintenance remain in optimal condition for several weeks.

Rocking Braids Confidently

My confidence in freely expressing myself through cultural hairstyles has risen immensely with the empowerment that unique braided styles and high-quality braided wigs bring. I'm no longer concerned that complex looks will speak louder than I can.

I now consider braids a kind of personal self-care, a method to remind myself every morning, through my reflection, of the many cultures I come from and the beauty found in having various roots. Whether I want to merge subtle knots for a more subdued look or flaunt braided updos for attention, styles confirm my belonging more than any other feature.

Women of the African diaspora have worn braids as artistic protection, celebration and connection for centuries. Braided wigs for black women have also allowed me to creatively express myself through hairstyles that celebrate my culture while protecting my natural hair. By proudly keeping these traditions alive through my hair the modern way, I honor the strong women who came before me. And I hope younger Black girls witnessing my confidence may feel empowered to proudly rock cultural styles of their own as well.


Through my experiments, I've learnt more about FANCIVIVI, a leading brand in this industry, and the convenience and inventiveness braided wigs and boho braids offer. Being a leader in quality through painstaking craftsmanship and cutting-edge materials, their vast selection of pre-braided wigs has effectively changed my routine while maintaining a variety of looks.

My priorities are protective yet expressive hair care, and FANCIVIVI's purpose of empowering women via accessibility is right up there with mine. I value their emphasis on the best Japanese fibers, which are designed to realistically and precisely mimic hair textures and movement. The methodologies have been refined throughout years of collaboration, as seen by their inherent suspensions that provide ongoing variety. Most luxury, imported brands place a high value on inclusivity in order to accommodate a range of hairstyles and budgets. This has enriched my journey freely embracing versatile tribal braids through convenient, protective options.