How to Install Small Box Braids on Short Natural Hair

How to Install Small Box Braids on Short Natural Hair


Short natural hair opens up a world of styling possibilities, from wash and go to twist outs and more. But one protective style that can be tricky to pull off on shorter locks is box braids. With a length that hits at the shoulder or below, installing those tiny plaits seems next to impossible.

However, with some adjustments to the traditional technique, small box braids can work beautifully on short hair too. The key is perfecting your braiding approach to keep tension minimal and prevent undue stress on delicate strands. If done properly, box braids add the length, versatility, and convenience every short-haired girl longs for. In this passage, we will together with you to learn how to install stylish small box braids on your short natural tresses.


Gathering Supplies

Start by gathering your supplies. You'll need a rat tail comb, small sectioning clips, a tail comb, edge control, small rubber bands, a crochet needle, braiding hair, and scissors. For braiding hair, opt for a lightweight synthetic fiber like kanekalon. Stay away from heavier options like toyokalon to avoid excessive pulling on short delicate strands. As for color, match your hair perfectly or go just a shade lighter so braids seamlessly blend with your own.


Prepping the Hair

Once supplies are ready, it's time to prep your hair: thoroughly shampoo, condition, and detangle your strands. You should separate your hair into four sections - two at the front and two at the back and secure each one with a clip. Next, apply edge control around your hairline to smooth flyaways. This keeps perimeters neat and prevents Small Knotless Braids from slipping.


Installing the Braids

Now you're ready to start braiding. Take down one section and split it in half vertically from the forehead to nape. Separate the new half section into even smaller horizontal parts. Make them small and neat, around a half-inch wide and use clips to secure them. Next, you could grab a thin piece of braiding hair and fold it in half to create a loop, which should be placed at the base of one horizontal part. And now you can begin braiding down and add in your natural hair as you go.


When braiding on short hair, you ought to minimize stress on the roots and you should only incorporate your natural hair once the braid is an inch or two below the scalp. Next, continue braiding down in a basic three-strand pattern, keeping tension snug but not too tight. For a boxy look, braid strands straight down rather than at an angle and you can do this following knotless braid wig. When you reach the end, secure it with a small rubber band. You can trim any excess braiding hair and repeat the process for the remainder of the section.


One way to ensure braids lie flat is to braid in a brickwork pattern. When starting a new braid, begin a couple of millimeters over from the braid above it. This helps braids nicely overlap rather than stack vertically on top of one another. More importantly, It allows them to contour the shape of your head for a flattering finish.


Maintaining the Braids

Like any protective style, maintenance is key to making small box braids last. Be sure to tie up your braids before bed and cover them with a silk bonnet or scarf, which prevents friction that can fray hair over time. Also, don’t forget to still cleanse and condition your scalp in between installs. Buildup leads to itching and flakes which look unsightly against knotless box braids.


Removing the Braids

When your installation starts looking shabby, take braids down section by section. Before removal to counteract dryness from the braiding process, coat strands in a nourishing hair oil. If your goal is retaining length as long as Butterfly Locs Wig, be extremely gentle when parting and taking down braids. You should be careful in this process as aggressive detangling can cause unnecessary breakage.


Once all braids are removed, you should thoroughly cleanse, condition, and seal in moisture. Give your strands some TLC before restarting the process. If you ever experience excessive thinning or patches, give your hair a long break before trying small box braids again. Protective styles are beneficial when done correctly, but they can also damage hair when overused or improperly installed.



With the right techniques, small box braids work wonderfully on short natural hair. Just focus on keeping parts clean, braids anchored snugly to the roots, and tension moderate. The end result is a chic, low-maintenance protective style that adds the length and versatility all short hair girls crave. Small braids strike the perfect balance between convenience and style! Now rock them proudly until your next install!


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