53 Stunning Boho Braids Hairstyles

53 Stunning Boho Braids Hairstyles

Bohemian braids are a timeless hairstyle that embody a carefree and boho chic aesthetic. These braids are perfect for those who want to add some texture and dimension to their hair, without sacrificing their effortless and natural style.

If you're looking for a way to try out this look without committing to growing out your hair, a bohemian braids wig is the perfect solution. In this article, we will showcase 50 different bohemian braids wig hairstyles that you can try out to achieve your perfect boho look. From simple and elegant braids to more complex and intricate designs, these hairstyles are sure to elevate your style and showcase your inner boho goddess.

1. Boho Box Braids with Curly Ends

Introducing the Boho Box Braids with Curly Ends Knotless Braided Wig, a best investment for those who want a stylish look without spending hours getting ready. Made with premium Japanese synthetic fiber, this wig is clean, neat, tight, and soft with a lightweight feel. The transparent double full lace hair cap is ruggedly constructed, comfortable, and breathable with baby hair for a seamless transition.

boho box braids with curly ends

This knotless box braided wig is perfect for work, parties, cosplay, weddings, concerts, theme parties, Halloween, or video shooting. It saves time and money by providing a perfect braided look in under 15 minutes. The lace cap with a wide black band, combs, and two adjustable straps fits most head sizes and creates a confident image. Get this Micro Million braids hairstyle and go, as it's definitely worth the investment for a stylish and effortless look.

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4. Boho Knotless Braids with Curls

This Boho Medium Knotless Braids with Curls FANCIVIVI Braided Wig features a 100% hand-tied full HD lace that is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The skin melt and natural scalp design, along with baby hair, give the wig a realistic appearance that enhances your natural look.

boho medium knotless braids with curls

The boho curls add a new visual impact to your overall look. With its hip-length 36" knotless box braids design, this wig is perfect for those who want to try something new and step up their style game. The full hand-tied lace provides a skin melt and natural scalp appearance. The baby hair around the edges allows for a seamless hairline transition, making the wig feel like your own natural hair.

Get ready to turn heads with this stunning braided wig featuring boho curls. It's a great investment for those looking to enhance their natural look and save time getting ready.

5. Boho Butterfly Braids

The Boho Butterfly Braids is a trending hairstyle created by a professional hairstylist, making it perfect for the summer. The large square box braid design features knotless large square braids that can be parted and styled as per your will. This braided wig also features baby hair for a natural and seamless transition.

 boho butterfly braids

Save time and money with a perfect braided look in under 15 minutes. The transparent double full lace hair cap is ruggedly constructed, comfortable, and breathable, making it light to wear. The wig fits any head size due to the elastic wig band, 3 combs, and adjustable straps for a secure and snug fit. The unique large triangle box braided design is super long at approximately 50 inches, with the right volume, thickness, and lightweight feel. It's a fashionable lace braided wig that is sure to turn heads.

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6. Boho Triangle Knotless Box Braids

This Boho triangle Box Braids Over Hip-Length 36" Double Full Lace FANCIVIVI Small Triangle Knotless Box Braided Wig features a 360° large lace area with a full double lace braid wig cap design, making it comfortable and safe to wear. The Japan-made synthetic fiber is super lightweight with a natural luster, giving it a realistic appearance. The baby hair around the edges allows for a seamless hairline transition.

boho triangle knotless box braids

Knotless braided wigs are an excellent solution for those who want an eye-catching and unique look. With its high-quality material, this braided wig is super lightweight and non-itchy, making it comfortable to wear for long hours. The parting space throughout the frontal area is very clean, with no bumps, lumps, or gaps. Get ready to turn heads with this stunning wig that enhances your style with its unique and trending design.

7. Boho Twists with Curly Ends

This Boho Twist Small Square Twist Braided Wig is made with premium Japanese synthetic fiber, giving it a clean, neat, and tangle-free texture. The full double lace front wigs design feels like your own natural hair with a seamless hairline transition. The trendy twist braided style with boho curls showcases free spirit and creativity, making it perfect for any occasion. The virtually undetectable HD lace gives a super natural, melted skin look, and the wig is made with high-quality material for a comfortable fit. Get ready to enhance your style with this stunning wig that is easy to style and perfect for those who want to try a new and trendy look.

boho twists

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8. Medium Bohemian Box Braids

This mid-length bohemian braids style features neat, uniform braids in a casual undone look. The braids gently graze the shoulders, framing the face beautifully. The medium length is versatile for both day and night wear. This style can give a romantic boho chic vibe or be dressed up for a night out. It's perfect for anyone looking for a whimsical style that's not too long but makes a statement.

medium bohemian box braids

9. Short Bohemian Box Braids

Fun, playful short bohemian box braids are a great way to add boho flair. The small, neat braids are easy to style in various ways, allowing for lots of versatility. Pull them back in a ponytail or half-up style for an elegant look or wear them loose and free-flowing for a relaxed vibe. This length is perfect for the warm summer months or for anyone who doesn't want the maintenance of extra long braids. The possibilities are endless with this cute, short style.

short bohemian box braids

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10. Bohemian Box Braids with color

Bohemian box braids get an artistic upgrade with the addition of multiple colors woven throughout. Vibrant hues like purple, blue and pink are interspersed to create a colorful work of hair art. This is a perfect style for self-expression and making a bold statement. The mix of colors gives off a playful, creative vibe. It works well for music festivals, summer events or anytime you want to showcase your fun and dynamic personality. This head-turning style is great for those looking to stand out.

bohemian box braids with color

11. Bohemian Goddess Box Braids

These jumbo box braids are designed to emulate the effortless beauty and allure of a bohemian goddess. The oversized, chunky braids cascade down the back in neat uniform rows with a mix of ponytails for added flair. This style makes a dramatic statement, perfect for exhibiting confidence and owning your inner diva. With an elegant shape and feel, it takes box braids to bold new lengths. Dress it up with gold cuffs or beads for an opulent finish. This style exudes playful femininity.

Bohemian Goddess Braids

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12. Blonde Bohemian Knotless Braids

Beautiful blonde bohemian knotless braids offer a carefree, beachy look. The hand-woven appearance provides texture and dimension while the golden blonde hue gives off relaxed California vibes. Worn in mermaid or goddess lengths, these braids are lightweight and free-flowing for maximum comfort and movement. The sun-kissed color pops against darker skin tones for a striking yet natural look. This style embodies the wanderlust spirit of Bohemian culture.

blonde bohemian knotless braids

13. Bohemian Tribal Braids

Bohemian tribal braids feature varying sized braids intricately woven together in a tapered design inspired by African tribal culture. Rows of small neat braids transition into larger statement braids in an alternating pattern. This gives an earthy, bohemian yet edgy look. The braids can be adorned with chains or beads for an exotic feel. Great for music festivals or an everyday look that turns heads. This style makes a bold, creative statement.

bohemian tribal braids

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14. Bohemian Knotless Braids

Boho knotless braids offer a textured, romantic look. The free-flowing feel embodies the relaxed bohemian aesthetic. Worn in long mermaid or goddess lengths, these braids are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. The hand-woven appearance provides depth and dimension for added styling versatility. This natural-looking style can be dressed up with accessories or worn casually. Great for a low maintenance protective style with whimsical flair.

bohemian knotless braids

15. Bohemian Braided Ponytail

A high braided ponytail creates a chic elongated silhouette while maintaining the bohemian vibe. Small neat braids are gathered and secured into a voluminous ponytail for a statement updo. Perfect for a wedding or event while still embodying effortless romance. The ponytail shape accentuates your best assets and bone structure for elegant flair. Finish it off with ribbons or a headpiece to emphasize the boho charm. This style combines convenience, versatility and bohemian beauty.

bohemian braided ponytail

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16. Jumbo Bohemian Goddess

These dramatic, jumbo bohemian goddess braids make a breathtaking statement. The oversized, chunky braids cascade down the back in voluminous rows exuding opulence. This style embodies boho glamour and allure. Pair it with accessories like cuffs, beads or shells for an exotic finish. The braids are neat, long and uniform for a striking silhouette. Dress them up for a luxe occasion or wear casually for an everyday goddess vibe. This style oozes confidence and elegance for the bohemian queen.

jumbo bohemian goddess

17. Small Bohemian Knotless Braids

small boho knotless braids

Dainty small bohemian knotless braids offer understated romance and whimsy. The mini braids are woven intricately to frame the face in a flattering style. Lightweight and easygoing, this length is great for summertime and all-day wear. The handmade appearance provides texture and versatility to embellish with accessories. Wear it loose and free-flowing or in updos for a feminine boho look. This style embodies the carefree, adventurous spirit of the bohemian culture.

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19. Bohemian Lemonade Braids

Vibrant blonde and yellow lemonade bohemian braids exude summertime fun. The hand-woven bulky braids in bright hues evoke sunshine, beaches and playfulness. Worn in long lengths, this style makes a cheerful statement. The mix of colors provides dimension while the braids shape and protect natural hair. This happy style is perfect for tropical getaways, festivals or bringing year-round vibrance. The ultimate feel-good bohemian look.

bohemian lemonade braids

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20. Bohemian Fulani Braids

Bohemian fulani braids fuse traditional African braiding with boho style. Rows of braids flow down the scalp while statement braids are intricately wrapped from front to back. Gold beads and cowrie shells accent the exotic look. The sculptural shape frames the face beautifully. This style combines culture, artistry and bohemian allure for a striking statement. Great for formal events or making an everyday impact. The bold yet elegant look embodies wanderlust and worldly flair.

bohemian fulani braids

21. Heart Stitch Bohemian Braids

This unique bohemian braided style features heart-shaped sections woven throughout the braids for a sweet touch. The chunky, textured braids are styled in a half-up, half-down look with the hearts adding whimsical flair. This artistic design is perfect for romantic events or making an everyday statement. The braided hearts can also be adorned with beads or charms for extra personality. This style combines the carefree bohemian aesthetic with intricate craftsmanship for a truly eye-catching look.

heart stitch bohemian braids

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22. Bohemian Braids with Accessories

Elevate bohemian braids with fun accessories like cuffs, beads and cowrie shells. The additions provide pops of color and texture while accentuating the chunky braids. Gold beads give a luxe finish while wood beads create an earthy, tribal vibe. Mix colors and shapes for an eclectic boho look. Add larger statement cuffs near the ends of the braids to make them stand out. This is a great way to customize bohemian braids and show off your unique personality.

bohemian braids with accessories

23. Bohemian Braids on Natural Hair

Bohemian braids are a gorgeous protective style for natural hair. Small neat braids sculpt the natural texture into a boho masterpiece. Styling options are endless, from cascading down the back to artistic updos. The braids can minimize frizz and bulk while still achieving length and volume. This natural hair option provides versatility without damaging your locks. Jazz it up with boho beads and cuffs to complete the carefree look.

Bohemian Braids on Natural Hair

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24. High Tress Bun with Thin Box Braids

Gather long, thin box braids atop the head in a voluminous high tress bun. This elongates the neck and bone structure for a refined bohemian updo. It combines neat braids with an undone bun for the perfect balance.The height adds drama while the braids maintain a soft romantic vibe. Elegant for events or weekends, this style shows off boho length with a classic silhouette.

high tress bun with thin box braids

25. Bohemian Fulani Braids with Flower Designs

Intricate flower designs give bohemian Fulani braids a fresh, feminine twist. Vibrant fabric or silk flowers are woven into the braided rows for pops of color and texture. The pretty blooms add artistry and dimension. Pair this style with boho accessories like cowrie shells for a nature-inspired statement. The beautiful flowers and braids evoke the whimsy and creative spirit of bohemian culture.

bohemian fulani braids with flower designs

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26. Messy Bohemian Box Braids

Messy bohemian box braids are a fun and carefree hairstyle that combines the structure of box braids with the bohemian flair of messy styling. These braids add texture and volume to your hair and are perfect for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish look. To achieve this style, start with clean and dry hair, then divide the hair into small sections and braid each section using the box braiding technique. Once finished, gently loosen the braids to create the "messy" look.

messy bohemian box braids

27. Boho Braids for Shallow Hair

Boho braids for shallow hair is a great option for those with shorter hair. This style incorporates small braids that are weaved together to create a bohemian-inspired look. The braids can be embellished with beads or other accessories to enhance the style. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and perfect for those who want a relaxed and casual look.

boho braids for shallow hair

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28. Bohemian braids with beads

Bohemian braids with beads are a popular hairstyle that features braids adorned with decorative beads. This style is perfect for those who want to add a touch of bohemian flair to their look. The beads can be incorporated into the braids in a variety of ways, such as weaving them in or attaching them to the ends of the braids. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair types and can be worn for any occasion.

bohemian braids with beads

29. Blonde Bohemian Braids

Blonde bohemian braids are a stylish and trendy hairstyle that combines the bohemian aesthetic with the classic blonde color. This style features long and flowing braids that are loosely styled to create a carefree and natural look. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their hair while still maintaining a relaxed and casual vibe.

blonde bohemian braids

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30. Burgundy Bohemian knotless Braids

Burgundy bohemian knotless braids are a chic and trendy hairstyle that features braids with a knotless technique. This method involves weaving the hair without using knots, resulting in a more natural and seamless look. The burgundy color adds a pop of color and makes a bold statement. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair while still maintaining a bohemian and carefree vibe.

burgundy bohemian knotless braids

32. Bohemian Stitch Braids

These boho-chic stitch braids feature a mix of sizes and textures for an eclectic look. Small, medium and large braids are intricately hand-woven together in a stitched pattern resembling cornrows. The braids have varying textures from ultra-smooth to bumpy for visual interest. With a center part, these stitched braids frame the face beautifully. The colors range from dark brown to caramel blonde.

Bohemian Stitch Braids

33. Ombre Medium-Sized Boho Box Braids

These shoulder-length box braids have a cool ombre effect, transitioning from dark brown roots to light blonde ends. The braids are all one medium size, making them perfect for an everyday look. The styling is half-up, half-down with a braided crown accent. The blonde ombre ends have gold bead accents for a bohemian vibe.

ombre medium-sized boho box braids

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34. Half Up, Half Down Bohemian Box Braids

These box braids are styled half-up, half-down for a casual yet put-together look. The braids range in size from small to medium and are in a rich chocolate brown color. They are accessorized with gold cuffs throughout for a boho style. The crown is braided into an intricate updo while the rest flows freely down the back in a blunt cut.

half,half down bohemian box braids

35. Ash Brown Bohemian Box Braids

These ash brown box braids have a textured, faux locs look for bohemian style. The braids are extra long, extending down to the mid-back area. They are all one size with blunt cut ends. With a side part, these braids have an effortlessly chic vibe. The ash brown color resembles natural hair with highlights for a beachy, boho look.

ash brown bohemian box braids

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36. Feed-in Top Knot Bohemian Braids

These boho braids feature a trendy top knot hairstyle. The braids are fed into an intricate top bun, with the rest falling loosely down the back. The braids range from small to medium in size and vary in texture for visual interest. Warm blonde and light brown braids are intricately woven together and accessorized with beads. The top knot adds volume and shape. These braids are edgy yet effortlessly chic.

feed in top knot bohemian braids

37. Off White Box Braids with Spiral Curls

These off white box braids have beautiful spiral curls at the ends for bounce and movement. The stark white color is eye-catching and on-trend. The braids start very small and neat at the top and graduate to a medium size down the length. A heart-shaped part frames the face flatteringly. The spiral curls are perfectly sculpted ringlets that swing gracefully. This style is great for making a statement.

off white box braids with spiral curls

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38. Boho Box Braid Bun

This bohemian updo features a messy, undone box braid bun. The bun is accented by pieces left out to frame the face. The braids vary in size and texture for dimension. Earthy browns and golds emulate real braided hair. Two braids are left out on each side, ending in beads. This style is effortlessly put-together yet free-spirited.

boho box braids bun

39. Multi Color Goddess Box Braids with Open Ends

These goddess box braids feature an ombre color effect in hues of brown, caramel, honey blonde and platinum. The braids are styled with open looped ends for a modern, laidback vibe. The braids cascade down the back in a mermaid shape. With an off-center part, this style provides volume. The mix of colors emulates real hair with highlights and lowlights.

multi color giddess box braids with open ends

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40. Ginger Bohemian Braids

These bohemian braids have a gorgeous gingerbread hue. The color is a rich balance of brown and red toasted to perfection. The braids are styled half-up, half-down with small braids feeding into a braided crown. The rest flows down the back in a mix of sizes and textures for dimension. Gold beads accent the ends for a hint of boho flair. This spicy ginger color pops against all skin tones.

ginger bohemian braids

41. Ombre Color Boho Braids

These bohemian braids feature a cool ombre effect that gracefully fades from dark roots to light ends. The braids start small and neat at the top before transitioning into a mix of sizes down the length. Warm chocolate browns melt into honey blonde ends for depth and dimension. A curved side part provides face-framing shape and volume at the crown. Scattered throughout are tiny gold beads that catch the light. This ombre look emulates real hair color in a chic, low-maintenance style.

ombre color boho braids

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42. Love Shape Boho Braids

These unique boho braids are styled into a heart shape for a romantic look. Small braids at the hairline feed into fatter braids creating a curved silhouette. The braids flow down the back in an alternating pattern of sleek and bumpy for visual interest. Tiny gold charms dangle delicately at the ends. With an off-center part, these braids are fuller on one side creating a love heart shape when viewed from behind.

love shape boho braids

43. Blue Bohemian Box Braids

Make a statement with these vivid royal blue box braids. The electric color pops against all skin tones. The waist-length braids have blunt cut ends and are all one size for cohesion. Tiny beads in coordinating blues and golds are woven throughout for accessorizing. With a curved side part, these uniform braids hang neatly down the back in a striking saturated hue.

blue bohemian box braids

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44. Chunky Bohemian box braids

Extra long, waist-skimming bohemian box braids in varying earthy brown hues. The braids range from small to chunky for dimension. Sheer length and volume make this style dramatic. Gold beads and cuffs provide boho accents. The braids have tapered ends and flow down the back in a U-shape. A side part showcases the chunky crown braids. Go for bombshell length and volume with these hip-grazing boho braids.

chunky bohemian box braids

45. Triangle Part Ombre Bohemian Box Braids

These boho box braids have a cool ombre effect from dark mocha roots to creamy blonde ends. The braids are styled with a unique triangle part. Small braids at the hairline graduate to larger ones further back. The triangle part allows for increased fullness and volume. Scattered throughout are gold beads and cuffs for bohemian flair. The ombre color emulates real hair dimension beautifully.

triangle part ombre bohemian box braids

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46. Mini Top Knot Boho Braid

This playful boho braid features a petite top knot accent. Small braids feed into the mini bun atop the crown creating a cute upstyle. The remaining waist-length braids flow freely in an alternating pattern of sleek and textured for visual interest. Scattered throughout are tiny gold beads and cuffs that catch the light. The chocolate brown ombre color melts from a deep root into caramel blonde ends. This mini top knot braid is a quirky bohemian look.

mini top knor boho braids

47. Homemade Goddess Box Braids with Braid Rings

These jumbo box braids emulate a homemade look with added braid ring accessories. The oversized braids feature a mix of textures from ultra-smooth to bumpy for a hand-braided appearance. Shiny metal braid rings in gold and silver are spaced throughout the braids for a DIY flair. The braids flow down the back in a blunt cut shape. With a side part, these big braids make a bold bohemian statement.

homemade goddess box braids with braid rings

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48. Honey Blonde Boho Box Braid

This boho box braid wig features a gorgeous honey blonde hue. The color resembles golden highlights on a warm brown base for a natural sun-kissed look. The waist-length braids are styled half-up, half-down with small pieces woven into an updo. The rest hang freely in a mix of sizes for dimension. Tiny cowrie shells accent the ends of each braid. This honey blonde is perfect for a beachy bohemian vibe.

honey blonde boho box braids

49. Long Goddess Box Braids

These extra long, waist-skimming goddess box braids make a dramatic statement. The jumbo braids feature a textured, bumpy appearance to emulate hand-done braiding. Shiny gold cuffs are spaced throughout the braids for accenting. With a side part, the braids flow down the back in a blunt cut shape well past the shoulders. The rich chocolate brown color provides beautiful contrast on all skin tones.

long goddess box braids

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50. Half Cornrow, half bohemian

This creative half wig features cornrows on one side and bohemian braids on the other for the best of both worlds. The cornrow side has straight back cornrows decorated with tiny gold beads. The braided side has free-flowing waist-length box braids in a mix of sizes. A side part lets you showcase either look. The dark brown ombre braids fade to caramel blonde. This two-styles-in-one wig gives you styling versatility.

half cornrow half bohemian

51.Bohemian fishtail braids

The bohemian fishtail braids style involves taking two sections of hair from either side of the front hairline and intricately braiding them together at the back of the head. To start, the hair is parted down the center and sections are pulled from both sides towards the back. Then, small random pieces of hair are alternated between the two sections as they are woven over and under each other to create the rope-like fishtail braid. 

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52.Bohemian cascading braids

The bohemian cascading braids hairstyle involves dividing the hair into multiple sections of varying widths. These sections are then braided individually with loose, flowing braids created. As the braids are formed, beads, flowers or other accessories can be delicately woven throughout for added bohemian flair. Once all sections are braided, the braids are left to fall freely down the back in a layered cascade effect.

53.Bohemian braided crown

The bohemian braided crown is a beautiful updo style that involves intricately braiding the top section of hair. To start, the hair is gathered at the crown of the head and then divided into smaller sections. These sections are braided together in an interwoven pattern to create an ornate braided design atop the head. The braids can be tight and structured or loosened for texture. Once the crown area is complete, elastic bands or pins are used to secure the braids in place.

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In conclusion, Bohemian braids offer an array of intricate and alluring styles that effortlessly embody the free-spirited nature of the boho chic aesthetic. Whether you're seeking a simple and elegant braid or a more complex design, these hairstyles can elevate your look and allow your inner boho goddess to shine.

For those who desire the versatility of these stunning hairstyles without the commitment of growing or braiding their own hair, opting for a wig is an excellent solution. FANCIVIVI, a brand dedicated to crafting high-quality braided wigs, offers a diverse range of styles that cater to this need.

FANCIVIVI's braided wigs provide a convenient and fashionable solution for black women who may not have the time or the skill to create these intricate braided hairstyles themselves. By choosing FANCIVIVI, you can effortlessly enhance your style, express your unique beauty, and embrace your individuality. Explore your options at FANCIVIVI to find your perfect bohemian braids wig. So, go ahead and let your confidence shine with FANCIVIVI's stunning range of braided wigs.