The Benefits of Wearing 36 Inch Wigs: Style, Comfort, and Versatility

The Benefits of Wearing 36 Inch Wigs: Style, Comfort, and Versatility

I'm going to confess that I had my doubts when I first noticed those 36-inch wigs appearing on my Instagram page. They just seemed so outlandish and excessive. But I became interested after seeing bloggers and YouTubers gush about how wearing one changed their lives. What did these long, full wigs have to offer that my shorter wigs lacked? Could they actually change my confidence and sense of style? I chose to do my own investigation.

I finally made the purchase of my first 36-inch wig. I chose a woman with whispy bangs, caramel balayage hair that was bone straight, and marley hair. I was a little anxious as I opened the packing since I assumed it would be silly. However, as soon as I put it on and styled it, I was catapulted to a whole other level of fabulousness. Therefore, I would like to share with you in this post how this hairstyle makes me feel!

36 inch wig

Make you instantly become a fashion icon

Let's start with style. It's no secret that a 36 inch wig is a statement piece. It immediately adds drama and flair to any outfit, and can take a simple look from basic to breathtaking. I love how versatile my wigs are when it comes to styling, too. With such a long length, there are endless possibilities for updos, braids, and curls. I can wear my wig straight and sleek one day, then switch it up with loose waves the next. And because the hair is so long, I can experiment with different partings and styles that I wouldn't be able to achieve with a shorter wig.

My appearance had been entirely changed by the length and volume. I appear softer and more demure thanks to my naturally wavy hair, which falls just below my shoulders. But the box braids wig's extra-long, flowing locks gave me a sense of tension and grace. If Jennifer Lopez and Rapunzel had a fashionable kid that would have been me with that wig, I felt like a completely new person.

36 inch wigs

Solve all your annoyances

But it's not just about the style factor - a 36 inch wig also offers unparalleled comfort. When I first started wearing wigs, I struggled to find ones that didn't feel itchy or heavy on my scalp. But with a longer wig, the weight is distributed evenly across my head, so I never feel like it's pulling or tugging at my hairline. Plus, the extra length means there's more hair to cushion my scalp, which makes it feel like I'm wearing a cozy hat rather than a wig. And because I can secure the wig with clips and combs, I never have to worry about it slipping or sliding throughout the day.

I can wear my longest wigs all day, from dawn to night, without experiencing any itchiness or irritation thanks to the comfort element. I no longer stress over my hair falling out or needing to be adjusted. I can go about my daily activities including stooping, working out, and doing errands while still retaining sleek, beautiful hair.

36-inch wigs

Compatible with any event

The adaptability of a 36-inch wig is a further bonus. My wig can adjust to any situation, whether I'm trying for a laid-back daytime appearance or a sophisticated nighttime attitude. My own has always looked fantastic when I've worn it to events like weddings, photo shoots, and even performances on stage. Additionally, because the hair is so long, I can experiment with various hues and textures to provide a totally distinctive style. Each time I experiment with ombre, highlights, or even pastel tones, I'm astounded at how drastically different the wig can look with a few small changes.

36-inch wig

A few potential aspects need to think about

Of course, with any beauty item, there are some potential downsides to consider. One is the cost - a high-quality 36 inch wig can be quite an investment. But I've found that it's worth it, since a well-made wig will last for years with proper care. Another consideration is maintenance. Because the hair is so long, it's important to take extra care when brushing and detangling to avoid damage or breakage. But with a bit of patience and some good products, I've found that it's not too difficult to keep my wigs looking their best. You don't have to worry about tangles as you do with your natural hair because the lengths reach well below your shoulders. You can also style them whatever you like using a curling iron, flat iron, or hot rollers because the fibers are heat-resistant. Cleaning the hair is also easy; a small amount of dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and revives the volume in between thorough washes.

By the way, FANCIVIVI is a brand specializing in high-quality braided wigs for black women. As I learned on their website, FANCIVIVI aims to offer durable, natural-looking wigs that help customers celebrate their beauty and individuality. Their braided units feature hand-tied cornrows and multicultural fibers designed to mimic the texture of authentic African hair. With various braided styles, lengths and colors available, FANCIVIVI caters to women seeking versatile, low-maintenance wigs that wear like a natural hairstyle.



No matter what is on my agenda, I now grab my extra-long wig first thing in the morning for feeling put together and wonderful. Those floor-grazing lengths have grown to represent my personality and my need for a little of extra drama and glitz in my daily life. I advise you to try a longer wig if you've been apprehensive but fascinated about doing so. You might be shocked by how strong and self-assured you can feel with added length and volume. For me, having hair that is 36 inches long has become ideal, and you might agree.