Add These Color Poppin' Tips to Your Small Box Braids

Add These Color Poppin' Tips to Your Small Box Braids

I. Introduction

Box braids are still a well-liked protective hairdo that offers styling options. While traditional box braids are stunning, incorporating imaginative colors can elevate your appearance. Small box braids with vibrant hues woven throughout make a statement and let you show off your own style.

A color poppin' box braided style may be achieved using a variety of tricks and techniques, including picking bold hues that go well with your skin tone and strategically putting colors for maximum impact. While keeping your natural hair healthy, you can modify the appearance of your colored braids. Let's start with how to select vibrant colors.

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II. Choosing Vibrant Colors

Picking the right colors for your small knotless braids is the first step to create a lively look. Consider these approaches:

● Analyze your skin's undertone and select colors that will pop against it. Warm undertones look great with jewel tones while cool undertones pair well with pastels.

● Go bold with a rainbow of multiple bright colors all throughout your braids for a fun and funky style.

● Use semi-permanent dyes in vivid shades like emerald, violet, or cobalt blue for saturated pop.

● Try soft pastel hues like lilac, blush, or seafoam green for a more subdued effect.

● Stick with rich natural colors like copper, chocolate, or caramel for a subtle touch of color.

III. Strategizing Placement

Small box braids can be made to look different, exciting, and vivid by strategically placing colors. Make all of your synthetic braiding hair bundles a vivid color before putting the braids in for a striking overall transformation. This will give your braided hairstyle the most color effect and truly make it stand out. Try producing a cool color block look by braiding a part of hair totally in one vibrant color, like cherry red, then transitioning into another vibrant hue, like sunflower yellow, in the following section to add some visual interest while keeping it a little more understated.

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You can also choose to retain your roots and length near your scalp natural and choose to softly dip dye the look by simply coloring the ends of your small box braids. This is a fantastic way to experiment with a vibrant appearance without committing totally. Just the top roots or crown area of your braids should be dyed in a vibrant color to create a peekaboo effect when you draw your braids up into an updo. A dynamic and diverse appearance can also be achieved by randomly alternating vivid hues like purple, green, orange, and pink throughout the braids. Your box braids become distinctly yours by using creativity and experimenting with the placement of various hues. The possibilities are endless for making a statement and showing off your personal style!

IV. Application Techniques

You can use a variety of efficient methods to artistically add color to your little box braids for a completely unique appearance. Custom coloring your synthetic braiding hair bundles before putting the braids in is one approach. The hair can be hand-dyed or colored using temporary coloring sprays. Before braiding, you can use this to carefully regulate the colors and arrangement. Another excellent method is to use semi-permanent conditioning hair color sprays to subtly colour your box braids after they have already been put in. These effortlessly deposit vibrant color. Just be careful not to oversaturate the braids and be sure to rinse well.

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For temporary pops of color without commitment, try using colorful hair wax crayons to add fun vibrant stripes or zig-zag designs along your braids. The color will eventually wash out with shampooing. You can also seek professional help from a stylist to achieve more intricate, vivid coloring using foils, balayage, or ombre techniques. This takes your look to the next level. And don't be afraid to combine methods too for extra flair. You could custom dye the length of your braiding hair, then use temporary colored waxes to tint just the ends in a different complementary shade. The options are endless! Feel free to get creative and experiment to find the perfect coloring techniques that make your small box braids look their absolute best. The right methods will help you achieve your ideal vision and the perfect color pop.

V. Protecting Your Hair

When adding color to small box braids, it’s important to take steps to keep your natural hair healthy:

● Deep condition and strengthen strands before braiding to prevent breakage and damage from coloring.

● Avoid over-manipulating and pulling too tightly when braiding at the root. Use small sections.

● Moisturize braided hair routinely with leave-in conditioner to combat dryness from dye.

● Gently cleanse braids only 1-2 times per month max to maintain vibrancy.

● Carefully remove braids coated in semi-permanent color to avoid breakage and immediately deep condition.

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With the proper precautions, you can achieve gorgeously colored box braids while maintaining the health of your hair.

VI. Maintaining Vibrant Color

To keep your creative colors looking freshly done:

● Use sulfate-free shampoo when cleansing braids to prevent color stripping.

● Enhance shine and hydration with weekly leave-in conditioner.

● Reapply semi-permanent colored sprays as needed when vibrancy starts fading.

● Avoid heat styling or applying too much oil, which can stain light colors.

● Retouch any new growth with root touch-up spray to mask regrowth.

VII. Removing Colors

When it's time to take out your vivid box braids, you'll want to care for your natural hair:

● Use a clarifying shampoo to help remove stubborn temporary hair wax or rinse away residues.

● Gradually cut out synthetic braiding hair dyed with semi-permanent color to avoid breakage.

● Deeply condition and do a restorative hair mask to replenish moisture after color-treated braids are removed.

● Slowly transition back to your natural color by using temporary root cover up sprays.

● Be patient, as it may take several washes to fully remove stubborn vivid hair dye from your strands.

● Taking it slow protects your hair integrity when switching back to natural colors.

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It's enjoyable to change up your appearance by adding vibrant color to your tiny box braids. You can express your individual style by picking colors that go well with your skin tone, positioning them carefully for the best impact, and applying them with care. Your natural hair, which lies behind the colorful braided style, will continue to be healthy with the right upkeep and removal techniques. Be daring and add a vibrant color burst to your next little box braids!

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