The Ultimate Guide to Medium Box Braids Hairstyles

The Ultimate Guide to Medium Box Braids Hairstyles

Black women frequently wear medium box braids as protective hairstyles. A versatile and minimal maintenance look may be achieved with medium box braids, which fall smoothly down the back at mid-length. These braided looks are a fun way to keep your natural hair well-nourished as it grows and take a break from styling.

For the styled braided look of your dreams, FANCIVIVI offers a lovely collection of medium box braids lace wigs. Both traditional mid-back box braids and fashionable curled and waved braid styles are offered in our hand-tied HD lace wigs. Only braiding hair of the highest quality is used to create fuller, thicker medium box braids that move and bounce just like your own.

We'll look into the various styling possibilities for medium box braids in this guide. Learn how to look after and maintain these hairstyles for protection. Whether you want to create your own medium box braids with your own natural hair or go with one of FANCIVIVI's perfect wigs, embracing this stylish trend enables you to both style and protect your hair.

Medium Box Braids Hairstyles

I. Variations of Medium Box Braid Styles

The versatility of medium box braids to match your individual style is one of its best features. While the standard protective style is box braids hanging at mid-back, there are many inventive ways to change it up.

Have your stylist add curls or waves to the braids to give them more depth. As a result, the medium box braids have a little more bounce and movement. Making some braids longer than others in an uneven design allows you to explore with asymmetry.

Instead of braiding straight back rows, try geometric or triangular shapes. Alternately, mix thicker and thinner plaits by interspersing different-sized box braids. Medium box braids also look lovely when the hair is decorated with metal cuffs, beads, or ornamental jewels.

The Boho Knotless Braids with curls Wig by FANCIVIVI combines traditional mid-length box braiding with textured curls. Our Butterfly Medium Knotless Braids Wig features artistic parting and waving goddess braids. Investigate the options for medium box braids!

II. Protective Benefits of Medium Box Braids

The fact that medium box braids are a low-manipulation design and protect your natural hair is one of their biggest benefits. Maintaining hair in a protective style reduces breakage from everyday brushing, heat styling, and environmental exposure while allowing moisture to be kept.

Every strand is kept firmly in place by the box braid's tight braiding pattern, which eliminates the need to comb and style. This allows your hair to grow unhindered and without being harmed by friction. Medium box braids require little maintenance and last for several weeks.

Medium Box Braids

Be sure to still wash and condition your braided hair as needed. Focus on cleansing and nourishing the scalp while keeping the braids intact. Reduce shedding and maintenance by choosing FANCIVIVI's Boho Knotless Braids Wig for instant protective styling.

Let your natural tresses thrive under the protective cover of medium box braids. Retain length and moisture without worrying about heat, combing, or styling.

III. Maintenance for Medium Box Braids

While the tight boxing pattern of medium braids requires less daily upkeep, you’ll still need to care for your hair properly. Focus maintenance on keeping your scalp and edges healthy while preventing buildup.

Gently shampoo and condition braids once a week, taking care not to unravel the plaits. Concentrate cleansing products at the scalp and roots while avoiding saturating the braided hair lengths. Pat dry with a towel and allow to fully air dry.

Between washes, spray braids with a moisturizing mix of water and leave-in conditioner. Massage your scalp daily to stimulate circulation and keep skin flake-free. As new growth comes in, get box braids re-done every 4-6 weeks.

Reduce maintenance time and hassle by trying FANCIVIVI's Butterfly Knotless Braids Wig. Our HD lace and pre-styled braids means you can achieve the medium box braids look instantly!

Medium Box Braided wig

IV. Shorter Medium Box Braid Styles

Medium box braids can also be made in shorter chin and shoulder varieties, while mid-back length is the most typical length. These short braids are covering while still becoming edgy.

Summer hairstyles that let air to circulate around the neck while yet concealing and braiding up hair include shoulder-skimming box braids. Chin-length box braids give structure and a protective appearance for people with shorter natural hair.

Even when braiding shorter hair, the key to achieving the box braid aesthetic is maintaining precise sectioning and little plaits. Add styling aids like gel or edge control to slick down flyaways and maintain the clean appearance of braids.

The Butterfly Bob Medium Box Braids Wig by FANCIVIVI has a collarbone-grazing version of this eye-catching braided style. Show off shorter braids while keeping the health of your natural hair underneath.

V. Creative Parts and Sectioning

You may also create a unique look by customizing the portions and parts you add medium box braids in. Before braiding, experiment with how you divide and separate your hair.

Try zigzagging or curving a portion of the typical straight back rows to add interest. Geometric shapes are produced by sectioning triangles and butterflies in interesting ways.

Medium Box Braided wig

Additionally, you can vary the orientation of your box braid rows, turning sideways in some spots and straight back in others. Volume and contrast are created by combining braids that are both thicker and thinner.

The Triangle Knotless Braids Wig by FANCIVIVI has a trendy triangular parting with braids starting at various levels for a striking appearance. Make up your own patterns for medium box braids!


Medium box braids are truly an endlessly versatile protective style for black hair. From classic mid-back braids to short cropped versions, the options are endless. Creative parts and braid patterns allow you to make this style uniquely your own.

Above all, medium box braids keep your natural hair shielded from damage as you retain length and moisture. By reducing manipulation, shedding, and breakage, your locks can thrive in these protective plaits.

Our medium box braided lace wigs from FANCIVIVI are made from high-quality Japanese fibers to rapidly create the style. Our immaculate pre-styled braids with HD lace provide indistinguishable hairlines and a construction that is comforably light.

Medium Box Braids Wigs

With the right maintenance, these medium box braid wigs can last up to two years. Explore our selection of medium box braid styles at FANCIVIVI. Get the braids of your dreams right now to show off your beauty and protect your natural hair.