Box Braids for Protective Styling: How Long Should You Keep Them In?

Box Braids for Protective Styling: How Long Should You Keep Them In?

When I originally made the decision to quit reducing my hair and go natural, I realized I needed to discover protective styles that would let my natural hair develop out naturally. Soon after trimming my relaxed ends, I chose box braids as an effortless, low-maintenance choice. After an extended period of embracing natural hair, I've grown to depend on box braids as an everyday preventive option. They protect my hair from splitting brought on by routine brushing, ponytails, and other daily abrasions. How long I retain box braids in between installations is one of the most often asked questions I receive, though. And the reply is not straightforward; it is based on a number of variables.

Why it has earned the reputation?

It's crucial to comprehend why box braids are regarded as a form of protection first. Protective hairstyles can save your natural hair from breakage and damage brought on by routine styling and treatment. Your natural hair is braided and hidden when you wear box braids, which helps to shield it from ordinary wear and tear, harsh weather, and heat-related damage.

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One of the benefits of box braids is that they can last for several weeks or even months with proper care. The length of time you should keep your box braids in depends on a variety of factors, including your hair type, the size and length of your braids, and how well you take care of your hair while it's in the braids.

Experts’ advise

For the best results on your strands, many natural hair experts advise leaving box braids in for at least six weeks. With the right washing and moisturizing methods, some women may keep their 36 inch braids in place for even longer periods of time, up to three months. This entails co-washing the braids in the bathtub while the water is running and securing the ends with braid spray or oil to avoid frizz.

General situation

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Box braids should probably only be worn for 8 weeks at the most. This is to prevent the possibility of damaging and breaking your natural hair if you leave them in for extended periods of time. When your hair is in braids for a long time, it can start to tangle and knot, making it challenging to untangle once the braids are removed. Your natural hair may suffer breakage and damage as a result.

A few potential considerations

Long-term box braid wear, nevertheless, might also have negative effects. The braids could get looser and more prone to tangling over time. This raises the possibility of pulling on and breaking your natural hair. It's probably time for a reinstall to avoid any harm if you see your braids begin to drop out or get too loose.

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It's also critical to pay attention to how your box braided hair feels. Your braids may be overly tight or thick, which could harm your natural hair, if your scalp is itching or inflamed. If this occurs, it is recommended to undo the braids and give your hair some time to recover before attempting the style once more.

How long you can safely wear box braids depends in part on how healthy your scalp is. The longer the braids are left undone, the more itching, flakiness, and aggravation many women endure.  No matter how long I intend to keep my braids in, I believe that shampooing my scalp and braids every one to two weeks is necessary for preventing these problems. An irritable scalp beneath the braids can also be calmed by using a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and oils.

It's vital to remove your box braids gently to prevent harming your natural hair when the time comes. To make it simpler to unravel the braids, proceed by cutting their ends. The braids can then be made easier to remove by using a detangling spray or oil. Prevent yanking or tugging on your hair by being patient and taking your time. By the way, FANCIVIVl's braided wigs offer a practical yet cozy alternative for individuals looking to test out various braided designs while giving their natural hair a break. Natural hair can still benefit from protection and a respite from heat styling and other harmful procedures while also obtaining a protective braided style thanks to the absence of stress on the scalp and strands that comes with actual braiding.

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Finally, there is no universally applicable guideline for how long to wear box braids. According to my care, the health of my scalp, my ability to style them, and the possibility of a reinstall, I've maintained them in for anywhere between four weeks and three months. My sweet spot, I've discovered, is between 6 and 8 weeks; it's sufficient for healthy development but not too long that I have to contend with knots. Always put your hair's health first when choosing how long to leave your box braids in, keeping in mind that the main purpose of a protective style is to safeguard your natural hair.