The Top 10 Cornrow Braid Styles for Every Length and Texture

The Top 10 Cornrow Braid Styles for Every Length and Texture


Cornrows are one of the most versatile protective hairstyles. Not only do they keep hair neatly styled while withstanding moisture and friction from activities, but they can also be done in countless creative patterns.


Whether you have fine, coily, or thick locks—or hair that's short, medium, or long—there is a cornrow braid styles that will flatter your texture and suit your hair length. In this article, I'll share 10 must-try cornrow braids to experiment with. Who knows, you may find your new go-to style!


1. Loose Wave Cornrows

Loose Wave Cornrows

Loose, wavy cornrows are perfect for warm weather comfort or any day you want a carefree beach vibe. To start, section hair vertically along both sides and work in 1/2-inch to 1-inch diagonal rows all over. Instead of tightly braiding each strand, leave space between hairs so the finished braids appear loose with waves between rows. This style works wonderfully on medium to long hair, creating natural-looking texture. Be sure to moisturize regularly to maintain silky waves as the hair settles.


2. Low Faux Locs

Low Faux Locs

For a edgy look that’s easy to throw together with short to medium length hair, try thin cornrows twisted at the ends to resemble faux dreadlocks. Part hair evenly down one side and braid rows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide going back from the hairline with the loose twists hanging out the bottom 2-3 inches. This low-maintenance style suits many face shapes and textures too. Keep twists looking fresh with twice weekly retwisting.


3. Crowning Glory Cornrows

Crowning Glory Cornrows

Nothing says elegant like cornrows wrapped around your head like a gorgeous crown. Starting at the hairline, braid thin rows going straight back and slowly work up and around the head, spacing braids about 1/4 inch apart. Once you meet on the opposite side, conceal the ends under previous rows. Moisturize daily to keep medium to long hair smooth under this stretched style. Show off your glory with this sophisticated do!


4. Bead and Accent Cornrows

Bead and Accent Cornrows

Jazz up plain cornrows by stringing on fun accessories like beads, threads, wire, or small charms intermittently between braids. Use 1- to 2-inch sections, holding accent pieces between the last two fingers as you braid. This playful style brightens medium to long locks and reflects your bold personality. Change up accents for different looks throughout the week. Be careful not to tug hair when removing accessories.


5. Side-Swept Cornrows

Side-Swept Cornrows

Sweep loose cornrows gracefully across your head with a side-swept part for a versatile and flattering style. After parting hair into two sections, braid rows about 1/4 inch wide going from front to back on one side, then sweep braids over and continue patterning on the other. Hair brushing against your face keeps it looking fresh longer. This laidback do is easy to maintain and compliments short to long hair of all textures.


6. Bouffant Cornrows

Bouffant Cornrows

For short hair that's being stretched, try bouffant cornrows pulled away from the face and puffed out on top. Concentrating rows close together right at the hairline creates instant volume and length. Use a tail comb to backcomb and tease outside rows upward while braiding, or fluff out with a pick after. Stay refreshed between retouches by moisturizing daily and tying a scarf at night. This retro style channels old school glamour.


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7. Single Braid Style

Single Braid Style

When short on time yet wanting hair fully tucked away, try the thick knotless braids going straight down the center of your head. Part hair into two sections and braid tightly from the front hairline all the way to the nape. Secure the end with a small elastic for a polished finish. This classic style suits short to long hair of any texture yet is quick and simple to do. Jazz it up with color pieces or wispy baby hairs left out around the face.


8. Twist and Curl Cornrows

Twist and Curl Cornrows

For curly or coily textures, twist cornrows can give a bouncy, defined curl pattern. Braid medium to thick rows, then gently roll and pin each braid. This retro look lets natural curls pop!


Another cute way to accentuate curls is with small knotless braids. Section hair into approximately 1/4 inch pieces and interlock without knots to create tiny braids throughout. Retwist braids as needed to maintain definition. This mini braid style adds charm to medium to long natural hair.


9. Boho Box Braids

Boho Box Braids

Channel your inner bohemian with a headful of chunky box braids. After parting hair into sections, cornrow medium width rows going straight back using three strands and adding hair when needed. Space wide boho box braids about 1 to 1.5 inches apart covering all hair or leaving out bangs. For a similar chunky braided look without knots, try knotless braids using the interlocking technique.


10. French Braided Cornrows

French Braided Cornrows

For a polished braided updo perfect for special occasions, try French braided cornrows. Start by sectioning off a small portion of hair at the top of the head and cornrow it straight back tightly. Then, French braid the remaining hair neatly around the head in two lines, crossing over braids as you go. Smooth down any baby hairs and secure into a low bun. Medium to long silky hair shines in this intricate yet stunning style.



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