Unleash Your Creativity: Get Inspired by Different Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Unleash Your Creativity: Get Inspired by Different Tribal Braids Hairstyles

I've always envied ladies who can easily transition their hairstyles from one week to the next, as I'm a busy working mom. I don't have the time, money, or hair skills to try something more adventurous, so I've been wearing the same basic style for years. But recently, I've been motivated to finally break out of my hair rut after seeing stunning pictures of tribal braid styles online. I've been encouraged to be more creative and self-assured by the endless possibilities for these stunning, culturally-influenced hairstyles.

In this essay, I’ll take you along on my journey into the world of tribal braids. From choosing styles for my face shape to testing different braided wigs options, I’ll share my tips as a total beginner. Whether you’re also looking to shake up your look or simply admire creative Black hairstyles, I hope this gives you inspiration to unleash your own creativity!

Finding Inspiration for My Hair Makeover

As I started browsing photos of tribal braids online, I quickly realized the variety is endless! I saw everything from striking geometric shapes to soft, romantic looks featuring braided buns and ponytails. After years of the same straightened style, the options felt liberating.

I started saving photos that caught my eye in a “hair inspiration” folder. Pinterest and Instagram were goldmines for discovering styles worn by everyday women. I also found inspiration from African tribal cultures like Masai and Fulani whose women have worn elaborate braided hairstyles for centuries.

Seeing these regal braided crowns and sculptural updos connecting back to my heritage made me feel empowered to proudly wear these styles as a modern black woman. Braided wigs for black women have also allowed me to creatively express myself through hairstyles that celebrate my culture while protecting my natural hair. I realized my hair could be a creative form of self-expression and a celebration of my culture instead of just a daily obligation.

Choosing Styles to Flatter My Face Shape

After gathering inspiration, the enjoyable part began: selecting looks that would suit me the best! My face is heart-shaped, with higher cheekbones, a pointed chin, and a broad forehead. Hairstyles that add width at the temples, face-framing layers, and bangs are typically advised for this face shape.

I searched for medium box braids that would mellow my features, with curled ends. I discovered braids in the Fulani style gathered into a lovely, regal-looking upward crown for a later day. To accentuate my bone structure, I also pinned braided buns and sculptural pieces close to the cheeks.

The styles didn't feel as daunting because I had so many alternatives in my folder. I could pick ones in my comfort zone for some days while going bold with dramatic looks on weekends. Starting this “hair look book” made me feel creative and excited in a way I hadn’t in years!

Prepping My Hair for Braiding Success

I had to get my natural hair ready for braiding after selecting my preferred styles and referring to my inspiration photographs. Smooth braiding is facilitated by starting with hair that is devoid of tangles and is well-conditioned. In order to keep the braids from unraveling, I also cut my ends.

I started by defining clean portions with a tail comb because box braids call for dividing hair into tiny bits. I used a heat protectant and a light moisturizer before giving it a quick blow-dry on low heat. In order to keep the braids taut, this eliminated excess moisture.

I used a wide-tooth comb to completely disentangle my hair one last time, and then I divided it into sections with clips. To prevent discomfort and frustration throughout the drawn-out braiding procedure, preparation is essential. While time-consuming, good prep truly pays off in the end with beautiful results.

Attempting Tribal Braids on My Own Hair

Once my hair was prepped and sectioned, I felt ready to start braiding! I decided to try medium box braids first since they seemed simplest to DIY. Following a step-by-step tutorial, I braided the first two...and that’s about where my skill reached its limit! Even with the tutorials, parting the hair into perfect squares and getting the braiding technique smooth proved trickier than expected.

I spent hours hunched over just to complete about six chunky, uneven braids. My respect grew hugely for the talented braiders that make this art look effortless! After attempting a few disastrous cornrow tries next, I accepted that my braiding skills wouldn’t magically appear overnight. While I could keep practicing, if I wanted to actually start rocking tribal braids anytime soon, I would need to enlist a professional’s help. Investing that money into an expert’s time would pay off with gorgeous results and save me tons of frustration. We all have limitations, and knowing when to seek help from pros isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Discovering the Ease of Braided Wigs

Another option I discovered for achieving intricate braided styles easier is ready-made braided wigs. These offer the look of box braids, Fulani braids, faux locs and more without the intense time and skill required for installing on your own hair. After my braiding trials, a wig seemed like a lifesaver!

What I loved is that with brands like FANCIVIVI, I could buy different wigs pre-braided in any style I wanted. One day I could rock Senegalese twists, the next goddess locs, and the next a pixie cut. It allowed me to experiment with versatility way beyond my current skills. They even have HD lace frontals that blend seamlessly with your edges for a natural looking hairline.

The wig caps are adjustable and breathable so I don’t have to worry about discomfort. When I’m ready for a change, I simply switch out wigs! While still an investment, it saves me money compared to paying braiding salons each time. Considering the damage from constantly redoing styles on my natural hair, I saw wigs as the best protective option.

Embracing My Inner Creator

After trying both box braids on my own natural hair and braided wigs like those offered by FANCIVIVI, I found that the wig shortcut just made sense for my busy lifestyle. As a braided hair beginner, FANCIVIVI's wigs allowed me to easily achieve the box braid wig and knotless braid wig I love while also protecting my natural hair underneath. With their selection of ready-to-wear braided wigs in versatile lengths and stylish designs, I can change up my look from boho goddess braids to classic box braids and everything in between.

Going the wig route took the frustration out of learning to braid and allowed me to enjoy the fun, carefree side of rocking creative styles. If you're also looking for an easy way to unleash your inner hair creativity, I recommend exploring FANCIVIVI's quality selection of braided wigs.