What Is a Lace Front Wig? All You Need to Know About Lace Front Wigs

What Is a Lace Front Wig? All You Need to Know About Lace Front Wigs - FANCIVIVI Braided Wigs

At FANCIVIVI, we provide busy women with hair solutions that are made with the highest quality, affordable, and convenient for their lifestyle. One of these hair solutions is the ‘Lace Front Wig’. You may have also heard it being called the frontal, the lace frontal, or the front lace wig. Whether you are researching or experimenting with lace front wigs, this article is perfect for you.


What is a lace front wig and what's the differences between lace front wig and full lace wig? Lace front is a type of braided wig that is constructed with a flesh-colored and thin lace at the frontal (from ear to ear) area of the wig. This type of wig is designed to mimic the natural hairline, so the hair gives the illusion that it is growing from your scalp. As well as it looks natural as the lace blends with your skin tone. You do not have to worry about the remainder of the wig as it is designed with a thicker lace. This ensures that it provides hold, and volume and is long-lasting This is what makes these types of wigs extremely popular within the beauty industry.

What Is a Lace Front Wig? All You Need to Know About Lace Front Wigs - FANCIVIVI Braided Wigs 2


A regular wig is constructed 100% using hair wefts while the lace front wig is not. The hair wefts are sewn to the entire wig cap that makes the hair look bulky at your hairline. This will look awkward as this is not how your hair naturally is or grows. With a lace front braided wig, the lace at the front is constructed by hand-knotting the hairs through the lace. Not only does it give the illusion of your hair, but it also allows you to move them freely into any style as you would your natural hair. Also, the wig cap is lightweight and comfortable which makes it breathable while you are wearing it. Your scalp and hair will receive the proper ventilation needed if you are wearing it for prolonged periods as well as during hot seasons.


A lot of people think that applying lace front wigs are too hard because you cannot just put it on and head out the door. With these wigs, you must be careful during the application process because of the thin lace at the front. You want to maintain its longevity, so you must be gentle when you are installing especially with the use of the correct adhesive. Whether you use glue or tape, you do not want to damage the wigs or your natural hairline. Once you have secured the wig with an adhesive, it will stay on for a very long time. There is no need to take off the wig every day and then reapply the next day. This can cause more harm than good. Once you purchase a lace front wig, most suppliers will provide you with tips to follow when you are installing.

What Is a Lace Front Wig? All You Need to Know About Lace Front Wigs - FANCIVIVI Braided Wigs 3


The timeline of the wig is dependent on several factors such as the quality of the hair, proper maintenance, and how often you wear it.  At FANCIVIVI, our wigs are made with high quality Japanese Fiber and lace material that have to meet stringent criteria. Therefore, the wigs last from six months to over a year.

Additionally, you must have a routine in place to take care of your wig. This includes cleansing, conditioning, and maintaining it every so often. Ensure to use products that are free of chemicals to maintain the longevity of the lace. As well as wear them in rotation every 2 to 3 months so the lace doesn’t go through significant wear and tear. And avoid placing heat near the hairline!


Lace front wigs do cost more when compared to regular wigs. You are paying for more because the thin lace and hair fibers mimic a natural hairline. As well as, the length, hair type, hair color, hairstyle, and even the manufacturer. However, you can still find a lace front wig that is within your budget.

What Is a Lace Front Wig? All You Need to Know About Lace Front Wigs - FANCIVIVI Braided Wigs 3

We offer affordable options for you to choose from to purchase your lace-front wig. You will not have to compromise on the quality as we make it our priority to provide the best. Our price ranges between $100 - $200 so you do not have to break the bank.


With the several types of lace wigs on the market, there will be one that suits you best.

There are various lengths to choose from such as short wig, long wig, and medium length. As well as there are different textures such as body waves, curly, straight, and kinky. And you can choose from styles such as bobs, bangs, and braided wig styles!

Braided wigs are becoming very trendy in hair fashion because of the convenience it offers.

What Is a Lace Front Wig? All You Need to Know About Lace Front Wigs - FANCIVIVI Braided Wigs 4

Within less than 30 minutes, your hair is braided without you having to sit at your local hairdresser for over 5 hours. Also, you did not even have to go to the beauty supply store to spend an extra hour just to get the multiple packs of hair needed to complete the style. The wig does it all for you which is perfect!

At FANCIVIVI, we offer protective-style hairstyles in the form of a lace front wig. We have knotless braids, box braids, locs, and much more for you to choose from. These wigs are designed with a pre-plucked hairline which allows for a smoother fit. As well as, silky lightweight hair that will not unravel easily. Our wigs are constructed so comfortable and easy, and safe to wear.


Now that you have learned everything about a lace front wig, we have summarized the benefits for you:

1 – Mimics the natural hairline with its unique cap construction

2 – Long-lasting wig especially if taken care of properly

3 – Able to style in multiple other styles such as updos, buns, and half up, half downs.

4 – Allows you to switch up your style while protecting your natural hair

5 – There is an affordable lace front wig option for you to purchase

6 – Applications become easier once you’ve installed your first lace front wig.


We hope this guide helped you to narrow down your search for the perfect lace front wig. We know this can be overwhelming especially if you do not know where to start for. Don’t forget to check out the options we have available on our website as we are sure there is something there for you.