How to Bleach Knots on Braided Wig?

How to Bleach Knots on Braided Wig? - FANCIVIVI Braided Wigs

Braided wigs have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer a convenient and stylish way to switch up your look without having to make any permanent changes to your hair. A common challenge with braided wigs for women is that the knots at the wig's base can be conspicuous, taking away from the wig's overall appearance. Fortunately, you can address this issue by bleaching the knots, resulting in a more natural look. This article will outline the steps involved in bleaching knots on a braided wig.

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Before bleaching your knotless braids, make sure you have all the necessary supplies, which include bleach powder, developer, a mixing bowl, a mixing brush, gloves, aluminum foil, a wig stand, water, shampoo, and conditioner. Once you have gathered all the materials, follow these steps:

FANCIVIVI 36 Inch Knotless Braids Wig

Begin by mixing the bleach powder and developer in a mixing bowl according to the instructions on the packaging. Wear gloves during this step to protect your skin from the bleach.

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Put the braided wig on a wig stand and use a mixing brush to apply the bleach mixture to the knots. Be careful not to use too much bleach as it can damage the wig. After applying the bleach, wrap each section of the braided wig in aluminum foil to prevent the bleach from drying out.

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Leave the bleach mixture on the knots for about 30 minutes, depending on the color and texture of the wig. Monitor the progress and rinse off the bleach as soon as the knots have lightened to your desired shade.

Once the knots have reached the desired shade, rinse the synthetic wig thoroughly with water to make sure all the bleach has been washed out, and there is no residue left on the wig.

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After rinsing, use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for bleached hair to restore moisture to the wig. Allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair fully by leaving it on for a few minutes. Rinse the box braid wig with cold water to help seal the hair cuticles.

Finally, pat the wig dry with a towel and leave it to air dry. Do not use a hairdryer as it can damage the wig.

By following these simple steps, you can bleach the knots on your braided wig and achieve a natural and flawless look. Remember to be careful when using bleach and always wear gloves to protect your skin.