Gym Looks Covered - Workout Hairstyles for Long Box Braids

Gym Looks Covered - Workout Hairstyles for Long Box Braids




Whether you're hitting the gym for cardio, weights, or yoga, having your hair out of your face is key for staying focused. Long box braids are the perfect protective style for working out - they keep your natural hair shielded while allowing versatility in styling. Getting your braids ready for a gym session ensures you can move freely without distractions. Now, together with me, let us explore many cute and functional ways to style long box braids for working out.


Simple High Ponytail


The easiest option is pulling your braids up into a high ponytail. Smooth your braids back tightly and secure with a snag-free hair tie. You should make sure no short pieces are loose around your hairline. This long box braids style keeps all your braids contained on top of your head and off your neck. It allows full range of motion without having to adjust your hair. For extra security, wrap a satin scarf or headband around the base of the ponytail. This slick look lets you focus on your workout, not your hair.


High Bun

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Similarly, a topknot bun gathers all your braids neatly atop your head. You should smooth back your braids and spiral them into a rounded bun shape. To secure any loose or short pieces in place, you can use bobby pins . The bun stays put thanks to the grip and weight of the braided hair. Like the high pony, this style keeps your vision clear and braids from swishing in your face. It's ideal for cardio or HIIT workouts with lots of movement. For a fashionable touch, wrap a printed headwrap around the base of the bun.


Braided Pigtails


When cardio is on the agenda, braided pigtails are an active option. Separate your long braids evenly into two sections and braid each section into a lower pigtail resting over your shoulders. You should tie the ends securely with clear elastics so they won't snag during movement. Like Criss Cross Braids, the double braided pigtails swing freely as you move but won't blow into your face. This style is also super cute for post-workout errands or refueling at a smoothie bar!


Chunky Side Braid


For a sporty one-sided look, sweep your braids into a chunky side braid. Gather all your hair over one shoulder and braid it loosely from top to bottom. Pancaking the braid gives it a fuller, messier look that's perfect for the gym. The looser braid won't tug at your edges while allowing freedom of movement. Having the weight of your hair on one side also helps keep the braids from swinging forward. Finish it off by curling the end of the braid under itself.


Low Bun or Chignon


Contain your braids in a tidy low bun at the nape of your neck. Pull all your hair back into a loose ponytail low on your head. Then twist the ponytail into a neat circular bun shape. For a chic chignon, leave some ends loose in the front to frame your face. Use bobby pins to fix any shorter pieces in place around the bun. The braids are secured flat against your head and won't move around during exercise. It's a poised style that works for any workout scenario.


Half-Up, Half-Down


This half-up style combines practicality with a cute look. Pull the top half of your braids loosely back into a knot at the crown and leave the bottom half free-flowing down your back. Shorter face-framing pieces also stay out in the front. This contains the bulk of your braids securely on your head while allowing some movement below. It's great for cardio, dancing classes or floor exercises when you want your braids partly up. You can finish the look by curling the bottom braids softly outwards.


Sleek Low Ponytail

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Smooth back your braids neatly and secure in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Use a boar bristle brush to sleek down any frizz before gathering your hair. Pull the ponytail tight and wrap with a silk scarf for a polished finish. This slicked-back look minimizes bulk and keeps every inch of your braids in check. It's the perfect no-fuss hairstyle for focused weight training or hot yoga.


90s Inspired Scrunchies


Scrunchies make a nostalgic comeback for workout style. Part your braids down the center and pull each side into a ponytail and make one ponytail high and one low for fun contrast. Wrap velvet or satin scrunchies tightly around each one to secure the braids. Scrunchies hold braids firmly in place without snagging or breakage with the throwback accessorizing adding flair to your functional gym hair. Multi-colored scrunchies also let you coordinate with your activewear.


Fashion Headwraps

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Wrap colorful headscarves around your braids as on-trend workout accessories. They absorb sweat to keep moisture off your face and hair. Silky headwraps tie at the nape of your neck to stay put no matter how much you move. Patterned African geles, pre-tied turbans, and silk scrunchies are all cute options. Wrap the ends of your braids inside before tying your headwrap. This helps the scarf absorb moisture and prevents braids from slipping loose.


Braided Top Knot


Gather your braids into a braided top knot for an eye-catching athletic style. Smooth your hair back into a high ponytail. Then split the ponytail into 2-3 smaller sections and braid each one. Coil the mini braids into a top knot shape and pin into place. Smaller braided coils contain your hair better than one thick braid during workouts. The intricate updo also shows off your long box braids beautifully.


Goddess Braids with Beads


When your braids need a break, instantly switch up your look with knotless goddess braids. These waist-length box braids have bead accents woven in for elegance. The beads clack together melodically as you move through sun salutations or box jumps. Different from Knotless Braids with Bangs, you should securing half the braids in a ponytail helps keep them from grazing your yoga mat. Or wear the goddess braids loose for rhythmic swishing during cardio.


Fulani-Inspired Braided Updo

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This half-up style takes inspiration from the beautiful Fulani braids of Africa. At the front, sweep back diagonal cornrows that meet at the back of your head. Leave the rest of your long braids loose down your back in a ponytail or neatly tuck the ponytail into a low bun. Decorative gold cuffs give the cornrow braids an exotic touch. All in all, this style keeps your face clear of hair while allowing movement.


Easy Workout Headband


When you want your braids down, simply keep them back with a headband. Stretchy athletic headbands grip your edges to maintain a sleek look. The extra-wide band helps absorb sweat too. Look for soft, seamless ties that won't snag or pull on delicate edges. For serious workouts, double up two headbands for the most secure fit. This simple accessory lets your braids flow freely without turning into a distracting, sweaty mess.



Whether you're focused on heavy lifting or holding warrior pose, your long box braids won't get in the way with these gym-friendly styles. Containing your braids keeps your workout vision clear while allowing maximum motion, allowing you show off your long braids' beauty and versatility with trendy athletic looks. Most importantly, you can focus on your fitness while your protective style does the hard work!


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