The Ultimate Guide to Long Box Braids - Tips, Styles and How-To

Braided wigs guide

Introduction to Box Braids

As an avid braids enthusiast, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate braids into my hairstyle while also protecting my natural hair growth. With my busy lifestyle, traditional braids done at the salon can be difficult to maintain, and it is also quite hard for me to spend time installing it. That's when I discovered the convenience and versatility of braided wigs. I would darely bet that you guys would like it.

Box braids introduction

Preparing for Your First Set of Long Box Braids

I was drawn to long box braids after seeing so many gorgeous styles online and on the streets. I loved the elegance and sophistication they are showing the world. However, achieving the look myself seemed intimidating at first. As someone fairly new to braids, I had a lot of questions and even was thinking that I was not suitable for the style.

That's why I decided to create this guide, sharing everything I've learned about rocking long box braids like a pro. From tips for installing and maintaining them yourself to exploring different braids styles, I hope this blog could play as a valuable resource for other braids beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Tips for long box braids

Tips for Installing Box Braids

Let's start with the basics. What exactly are box braids? Box braids involve sectioning the hair into dozens of thin rectangles and braiding each section tightly from root to tip. This creates a grid-like pattern along the scalp. They're a traditional protective style for natural hair that's easy to install at home with practice.

Now onto getting started with your first set of long box braids. Proper preparation is key for a smooth installation that lasts. As we all can see, starting a new business is the most difficult part of how we plan. So, there you go, here are my top tips:

Deep Condition Your Hair - Moisturized, detangled hair braids up more easily. Apply a rich mask before you begin.

Use the Right Braiding Hair - High-quality synthetic braiding hair like FANCIVIVI's is soft and tangle-free for braids that stay tight longer.

Section Your Hair Evenly - Divide into small, uniform rectangles all over your head for a polished look.

Start From the Nape - Braid the back sections first before moving up to the top of your head.

Take Your Time - Rushing can result in uneven, messy braids. Don't be afraid to unravel and redo sections as needed. You should be patient indeed, patience is the new success, the words could also be useful in fashion.

Once installed, flaunt your new 'do! Long box braids pair well with many styles from minimalist to bold. I personally love rocking mine with bohemian braids outfits featuring flowing silhouettes, gorgeous prints and layers of accessories. Chic yet playful pieces from brands like FANCIVIVI help you radiate confidence.

When it comes to maintenance, gentle care is key. I like to co-wash my braids weekly or every other week using a moisturizing shampoo formulated for braiding hair. This keeps my scalp fresh without stripping my braids' shine. Hot tools or aggressive scrubbing could damage the definition, so I stick to finger detangling and air drying.

To preserve my braids even longer between washes, I spritz on a lightweight leave-in conditioner. This tames frizz and flyaways while also sealing in moisture overnight. Storing them in loose plaits or a scarf prevents tangling when not worn out.

As for styling, the possibilities seem endless with box braids! I've tried exaggerated bumpits, snatched half-up buns and effortless loose top knots perfect for busy mornings. My favorite look has been romantic boho styles like mermaid waves peeking out along one side. These hairstyles I'm sure you all love but probably don't get the chance to try, now with these wigs, I bet you will be willing to try it, haha.

Special occasions also inspire more glamorous looks. I'll smooth glossy serum through for a sleek look or pin braids into an intricate updo dripping with accessories. The versatility of box braids means I'm never bored experimenting with new silhouettes.

braided wigs

My Braided Wigs from FANCIVIVI

If installing your own long box braids seems daunting, braided wigs from FANCIVIVI offer a convenient alternative.

Overall, with some practice box braids can become your trusted go-to style. The compliments, confidence boost and low manipulation of your natural hair make all the effort worthwhile. I believe that once you try the wigs, you would fall in love with it. I hope this guide inspires you to try rocking long box braids, whether real or with the help of FANCIVIVI's protective braided wigs for black women. Those could help you keep learning fashion things about wigs and hair styles, which could totally make you a chic I guess. Happy hair journeys!

Now speaking of FANCIVIVI, their stellar range of braided wig styles is worth introducing. Based in New York, FANCIVIVI was created by hair pros Danny and Allan to offer affordable, versatile protective styles through braided wigs.

In fact, what shocked me more was that the wigs they used were made of very genuine materials. By utilizing Japanese synthetic fibers, FANCIVIVI's wigs with knotless braids hairstyles mimic the look and feel of real hair. Customers love how lightweight and comfortable they are to wear for extended periods. Care is also simple with mild shampoos. Their finely detailed construction lends a naturalistic effect whether worn down or up.

hairstyle with braided wigs


Best of all, you can mix and match bold colors or stick to classics like jet black or vibrant reds. Lots of options means everyone can find braided looks that shine through self-expression. Committed to quality and innovation, FANCIVIVI empowers styling joy through their innovative wigs.

Discover FANCIVIVI's full collection featuring top-rated styles like their Boxed Knotless braids or Twist braid styles. You'll fall for the luxury from just $99. And that's not even the best price you could get, they are always having sale dsicounts on the websites.

Their quality synthetic knotless braid wig mean low maintenance styles without the intensive braiding session. Butterfly Locs Wig are a unique take as well. After wearing the wigs, my life has totally changed because of its convenience and the style it owns.

Their professional craftsmanship paired with accessibility makes protective braids achievable for all lifestyles. Explore FANCIVIVI and let your confidence take flight!