The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Large Knotless Twist Braids Wig

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Large Knotless Twist Braids Wig

Since they seem so natural and are so adaptable, knotless twist braids have grown in popularity. They are a great replacement for conventional box braids because they feel more breathable and comfier. While braided wigs are less expensive and time-consuming than going to the salon, they still need to be properly maintained and cared for. This article will cover how to maintain your giant knotless twist braided wig so that it looks great for as long as possible.

1. Choose a High-Quality Braided Wig

When selecting a braided wig, it's essential to choose a high-quality option to ensure its durability and natural appearance. Here are some factors to consider:

Large Knotless Twist Braids

Material: Choose a wig with premium synthetic fibers that replicates the texture and appearance of natural hair. Premium Japanese synthetic fibers, like those found in the 36" Large Knotless Twist Braids Full Hand Tied HD Lace FANCIVIVI Twisted Braided Wig, offer durability and longevity.

Lace quality: Look for a full lace wig with an HD lace base, which creates the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp. The FANCIVIVI wig uses high-definition lace for a seamless and natural-looking hairline.

Cap size and adjustability: Consider the cap size and ensure it fits your head comfortably. The FANCIVIVI wig comes with an adjustable cap that can fit head sizes from 21 to 23 inches, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Cap construction: The cap construction is crucial for comfort and breathability. The FANCIVIVI wig features a full hand-tied lace cap, which distributes the weight evenly and allows for airflow.

By choosing a high-quality braided wig like the FANCIVIVI 36" Large Knotless Twist Braids Full Hand Tied HD Lace Wig, you can enjoy a natural-looking hairstyle that lasts for a long time.

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2. Handle Your Braided Wig Gently

Once you have chosen your wig, it's essential to handle it gently to avoid damaging the braids. When styling, be careful not to pull or tug on the braids, which can cause breakage and reduce the lifespan of your wig. Avoid using curling irons, flat irons, or other heat tools on your synthetic braided wig, as they can damage the fibers and ruin the wig's appearance.

3. Wash Your Braided Wig Properly

Proper washing is crucial for maintaining the appearance and quality of your braided wig. Here's how to wash your braided wig properly:

1. Gather your materials: You'll need a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner made for synthetic wigs, a basin or sink, and a towel.

2. Detangle the wig: Before washing, gently detangle the wig with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Start at the tips of the braids and work your way up to the roots, taking care not to pull or snag the fibers.

Large Knotless Twist Braids Wig

3. Prepare the shampoo: Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and add a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo. Mix well until the water is soapy.

4. Wash the wig: Submerge the wig in the soapy water and gently work the shampoo into the braids with your fingers. Avoid rubbing or twisting the fibers, as this can cause tangling and damage. Rinse the wig thoroughly with clean water.

5. Condition the wig: Focus on the braid ends while you apply a tiny amount of sulfate-free conditioner on the wig. Be careful not to tangle the threads as you gently rub the conditioner into them. Rinse the wig in clean water completely.

6. Remove excess water: Gently squeeze out the excess water from from the braids and lay the wig on a clean, flat surface to dry. Avoid using a hairdryer or exposing your wig to direct sunlight, as high heat can damage the synthetic fibers.

Remember to wash your braided wig only when necessary, as over washing can lead to dryness and damage. With proper washing and care, your braided wig can maintain its natural appearance and last for a long time.

Large Knotless Twist Braids Wigs

4. How to Properly Put On and Take Off Your Braided Wig

Putting on and taking off your braided wig properly can help prevent damage to the fibers and ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Here's how to do it:

A. Putting on Your Braided Wig

Prepare your hair: To make a flat base for the wig to sit on if you have long hair, braid it and pin it up. To keep your hair in place and provide a smooth surface for the wig, wear a wig cap.

Adjust the cap: Your head should be covered by the wig cap, which you should secure in place. Make sure the cap covers your hairline and ears, and, as necessary, tighten or relax the fit with the straps or hooks.

Put on the wig: Start at the front of your head and work your way back, holding the wig by the edges, over the wig cap. Make sure the braids are not knotted or tangled as you carefully adjust the wig so it sits properly on your head.

Secure the wig: Use the combs or clips inside the cap to secure the wig to your hair. Make sure the wig feels snug and secure, but not too tight.

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B. Taking off Your Braided Wig

Secure the wig: Use your fingers to locate the combs or clips inside the cap and release them to loosen the wig.

Gently remove the wig: Starting at the back of your head, carefully lift the wig off, taking care not to pull or tug on the braids.

Store the wig: After removing the wig, gently brush out any tangles and store it on a wig stand or mannequin head to help maintain its shape.

By following these steps, you can ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your braided wig and prevent damage to the fibers.

5. How Long Do Braided Wigs Last?

A high-quality synthetic braided wig, such as the FANCIVIVI wig, can last up to two years or even longer with the right care and upkeep. A wig's longevity can be increased by minimizing styling, washing, and storage-related damage. Always manage your wig gently and avoid using harsh items that could dry out or break the synthetic strands.


To keep your large knotless twist braided wig looking natural and extending its life, proper care is essential. It's also crucial to choose a high-quality wig, such as the FANCIVIVI 36" Large Knotless Twist Braids Full Hand Tied HD Lace Wig, which is constructed with full hand-tied lace for comfort and breathability and is made of premium synthetic fibers. The guide offers detailed recommendations on how to handle, wash, and store wigs properly in order to keep their quality.

Large Knotless Twist Braids Wig for Black women

With proper care, a braided wig can last up to two years or longer, making it a worthwhile investment. We highly recommend the FANCIVIVI brand and their 36" Large Knotless Twist Braids Full Hand Tied HD Lace Wig for a natural-looking and long-lasting hairstyle.