Get Your Dream Hairstyle with a Box Braid Wig: Styling and Care Guide

Get Your Dream Hairstyle with a Box Braid Wig: Styling and Care Guide


After years of dealing with hair damage from chemical and heat treatments, I knew I had to change. I wanted a look that required little maintenance but was also elegant enough for any situation. At that point, I made the decision to spend money on a premium box braid wig.

Box braid wigs are braided hairpieces that may be worn alone for a whole different look or joined to your real hair to add length and fullness. I went with a look that elegantly framed the face with thick box braids. The length of the braids allowed for multiple styling options without necessitating significant maintenance. This was ideal for the understatedly elegant vibe I was striving for. If you are inreserted in the box braid wigs and are considering buying one, or if you have already get one but don't know how to care for and style the wig, read this guide for everything you need.

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Caring Tips

Once I received the wig, I spent some time learning how to properly style and care for it. After experimenting the caring methods for a while, I have come to these useful tips for your reference:

  • Carefully follow the washing and deep conditioning instructions. Harsh shampoos can damage the braids and fabrics. Mild cleansers and conditioning oils are best. Wash the wig at least once a month or if it gets visibly dirty.
  • Air dry the wig away from direct heat. Do not blow dry the braids which can cause frizzing and breakage. Lay the wig flat on a surface and fan dry at a comfortable temperature for at least 24 hours after washing.

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  • Apply a leave-in conditioner and detangle spray. Use these products in between washes to keep the braids hydrated and tangle-free, especially at the ends. This prevents matting and makes styling much easier.
  • Moisturize and braid the ends. Apply hair oil or cream to the ends and then braid them to prevent fraying. Re-braid the ends every few days to provide extra protection.
  • Store the wig properly. Keep the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head, not compressed in a bag. Store in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. This will help the braids retain shape and last longer.

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Styling Tips

Your box braid wigs can be styled into many different looks. If you are tired of remaining the original plain style of it, try changing it with your creativity and imagination, which can make your wigs uniquely yours and more natural-looking. Below are some of my suggestions for you:

Parted down the middle: A simple, versatile look. Comb the braids to one side and use bobby pins, clips, or hair ties to hold the side you don't want to part. Allow the braids to fall down the opposite side of your face for a gorgeous appearance. For added volume, tease the braids around the roots.

Swept up into an updo: Twist sections of the braids and wrap them around the crown of your head, securing in place with pins and hairpins. Sweeping all hair up and back as you move up from the nape of the neck creates an impressively full updo. Curled under ends provide a soft, flattering shape around the face.

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Brushed back into a ponytail: Brush back the braids and pull them into a high, tight ponytail. To show off an attractive neck, secure at the back of the head. Tease the ponytail at the crown to provide lift and volume. Hair strewn across the borders of the ponytail softens the look.

Curled under at the ends: Use a large curling iron to curl the ends of the braids under. Curling just the ends provides gorgeous texture and movement without the time commitment of curling the entire piece. The curled under ends dramatically frame the face and accentuate cheekbones and lips.

Practicing these procedures with various styling alternatives is essential for determining what you like and what suits you best. Experiment with various braid arrangements, heights, and levels of teasing or curling. Compare images from various perspectives. Once you've perfected a few preferred styles, your box braid wig may modify your look for any event. These styles will become second nature with continuous use, ensuring that your new hairpiece provides you with several possibilities to shine.

The possibilities for styling a box braid wig are endless once you get the hang of some fundamental techniques. Keep an open and experimental mind toward new styles and combinations. Your dream hairstyle is within reach!


I was able to change my box braid wig into my dream hairdo by following the care instructions and learning different styling techniques. FANCIVIVI creates high-quality braided wigs and hair extensions that are glamorous and versatile for any occasion.

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FANCIVIVI wigs provide countless styling options without causing any harm. We exclusively utilize the softest virgin hair fibers to make flexible, richly textured braids. To guarantee evenness, avoid knots, and add body to the style, our pieces are hand-braided. FANCIVIVI has the answer if you're looking for complete coverage, accent pieces, or versatile styles that mix in with your natural hair.

Thanks to my wig, I now have countless styling and hair options. FANCIVIVI hair may transform looks from day to night while providing comfort, confidence, and style, as shown on our official website. We strive to offer stunning hairpieces that perfectly integrate into your wardrobe and lifestyle, with alternatives for any hair length, texture, and price.

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With my FANCIVIVI wig, we have jointly produced innumerable styling moments and memories. The options are genuinely limitless. I hope you'll join us and begin prospering with your enigmatically beautiful hair. We eagerly await the opportunity to give you the look of your dreams!