How to Properly Store and Travel with Your Full Lace Wig

How to Properly Store and Travel with Your Full Lace Wig

Are you also a keen traveler as well as a super fan of full lace wigs? I enjoy going on vacation, but I am also aware that there are numerous inconveniences on the road. Not to mention that you have to take care of your full lace wig since it is fragile to some extent. But dont worry. After wearing my full lace wig for almost a year, I've figured out a few tricks to keep it looking wonderful! If you want to keep your wigs stunning and show your beauty while traveling, then dont miss my post!


Start a cleaning schedule

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A proper frequency

Particularly at the part close to the ears and head, oils and loose hair fibers will begin to accumulate over time. So you may need to clean and trim your wigs in a fixed schedule. I often wash my 36 inch wigs once every 2-4 wears so they don't become too dirty and frizzy.

Cleaning tips

When cleaning your wig, you could use only cold water since the hot water ma cause shape losing and damage to your wigs. Before washing your wig, you should first add a little amount of wig shampoo to a sink or basin of lukewarm water. The wig is then gently swirled in the water without rubbing or excessively agitating the hair. Then the wig should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water until all shampoo has been removed. You can use wig-specific conditioner to soften and untangle the hair after washing. After letting the conditioner sit on your hair for a short while, give it a thorough rinse. But don't rinse it out right away since letting it sit on your hair for a few more minutes will make it smoother. If you need some professional help, FANCIVIVI might be a good choice.

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Style and air dry after cleaning

Get dry first

Each time I wash the wig, I towel dry it or air dry it to avoid the direct heat. The natural curls and volume are preserved when drying by hand while the heat styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers can still cause damage to them since are typically made from synthetic materials.

Style it then

If blow drying is necessary, make sure to move the dryer at least 18 inches away from the wig to prevent any areas from becoming overheated. Additionally, a spray bottle with water in it makes blow drying easier, protects fibers, and more evenly distributes heat. Furthermore, when combing or styling your full lace wig, you need to take care and don't pull or tug on the hair. The gentle method is to gradually detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb or wig brush designed specifically for wigs by starting at the ends and working your way up.

Maintain your wig in the right position

If you desire to increase the longevity of your full lace wig, then you need to properly keep it.

A Wig Stand

The best place for your wig to be stored is on a mannequin head or wig stand, which will help preserve it in shape and prevent tangling.

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Storage boxes or plastic bags

I generally wrap them in a small plastic bag, storage box, or other protective material since I lack a mannequin head or wig stand.

A closet

Another smart move is to store your wigs in a closet apart from potential dangers like moths or pet dander. Your wig will stay fresher if it is sufficiently aired because synthetic wig fibers have a tendency to retain odors over time.

Considerable planning and attention for traveling

All of the measures mentioned above are applicable when traveling, but there are many more details you need to pay attention to.

If not kept safely controlled during transit, wig caps, hair strands, and bindings can become tangled and misshaped. So I usually pack extra room with socks or towels and use a robust zippered makeup or wig carrying case.

To protect hair extensions and maintain my shape while traveling, I place each bundle of hair fibers inside the bag, cover it in an old t-shirt or towel, and then use hair ties and bobby pins to hold it in place on the crown or temples.

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Moreover, I guess a whole day visiting may make you feel tired. So It could seem tempting to sleep with your full lace wig. But dont doing so since it will eventually cause damage to your wig. Your wig's hair may become matted and tangled while you're sleeping, which can be challenging to untangle. On contrary, take off your wig before night and place it on a mannequin head or wig stand. This will prevent knots from forming and keep the wig's shape.


How easy these steps are! As long as you are a wig lover, I'm sure you won't find these steps difficult.

A full lace wig can offer striking and adaptable hair changes for years to come with correct washing, styling, and storage. Even when traveling, you can show your confidence. So whenever you go, wear your lovely full lace wig! My wigs have accompanied me for many long journeys. Hope you wigs also can!