Step-by-Step: How to Properly Install and Secure Your Full Lace Wig

Step-by-Step: How to Properly Install and Secure Your Full Lace Wig

Since I continually try to change some innate settings, I honestly consider myself as a natural rule-breaker. I was born with terrible, curled hair, but I don't want to stay that way. Thats why I always look for new methods to improve. Among the things I've tried are full lace wigs. I believe many of you have heard of it but were worrying that its difficult to install it so that miss an opportunity to become more delicate and wonderful. Still, some of you have obtained a full lace wig, but dont know how to wear it properly. Today, you are lucky! Since I've been wearing wigs for a while, I am aware of how vital it is to make sure your wig is secure and comfortable. So you can follow my lead in each step of how to attach and secure your full lace wig. Now lets move!

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Keep a clean start

Before you start attaching your wig, it's imperative to prepare your hair and scalp. I suggest you start by thoroughly washing your hair and scalp since it will get rid of any dirt, oil, or product buildup that would prevent your wig from attaching properly. To thoroughly clean your hair and scalp, you could also use a clarifying shampoo. Any brand of shampoo is good, as long as it cleans your hair well. But don't skip this step because I didn't wash my hair at the first time, and it fell off even before I left my home. How embarrassed I am! But I was lucky since no one witnessed that scene!

Blow-dry your hair completely after washing it. You don't want your scalp to be very wet because that could make it difficult for the wig to adhere properly. To prevent any lumps or bumps from appearing through the wig, you can choose to braid or shape your long hair into a bun. My hair is thick, so I prefer to braid first so that my head won't appear overly big after wearing a wig.

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Use the wig tape

The you need to create a quadrant by dividing the wig into the front, back, and two sides. Start at the back of the wig. Put it behind your head so the lace meets the top of your hair. Cover the entire back of the wig with wig tape using small pieces spaced 1 inch apart. The tape will adhere to the scalp if you press firmly. As I know, the sides are trickier, as you’re tapering the wig to blend into your natural hair on the sides and neck. So you had better apply the tape in short, tight strokes, pushing each one firmly on the scalp. Once finished, make sure the sides are even. The front portion should sit just at your natural hairline. From my experience, slipping is impossible, so you need to use tape along the hairline to help secure it in place.

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Remove excessive lace

Now it is the moment to trim the lace on the wig. The lace on full lace wigs needs to be cut to fit your hairline. So the wig should first be positioned where you want it to sit on your head. Then mark the location where you want to cut the lace with a cosmetic pencil. The lace can also be cut with a tiny pair of scissors, but you must take care to avoid cutting too near the hairline. Being too close to your hairline may result in that it looks like you have two hairlines. That is to say, the invisible effect of the full lace will be useless.

Install the wig

It's time to put the wig in place after the adhesive has been applied. First, position the wig in front of your head and gently press it down. You can use your fingertips to remove any bumps or ridges from the wig. Then work your way back, carefully pressing the wig down as you go, starting with the front. As you go, make sure to smooth out any lumps or bumps in the wig. In the whole process, always remember to pay attention to lumps or bumps since they have ruined my look for more than once.

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Fix your wig

After finally completing the installation, dont forget to fix it again, otherwise you may fall short. Usually, I use wig clips, bobby pins, or sew the wig onto a braided base. You can try this way too. If you choose to use wig clips, start by positioning the clip where you want it to go and then sewing it onto the wig cap. Then repeat this process for each clip. Once the clips are in place, attach them to your hair for added security.

Whats more, you had better avoid excessively sweaty activities like vigorous exercise, swimming, or using harsh chemicals if you want your wig to stay in place all day. If any sections start to budge, adjust the tape as necessary. At night, remove all tape carefully to avoid damage to your scalp. You can also spray a leave-in conditioner on your scalp to keep it moisturized and tangle-free under the wig.

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Wearing a full lace wig can become natural and a practical choice for getting instantly groomed hair whenever you want with time and effort. And there you have it – a step-by-step guide to installing and securing your full lace wig. Consider these stunning choices after discovering the fantastic tips from FANCIVIVI! If you take your time and are patient, you will end up with a lovely, realistic-looking wig that will stay in place all day.