Maintaining Your Box Braid Wig: Dos and Don'ts for Longevity

Maintaining Your Box Braid Wig: Dos and Don'ts for Longevity

Good things are worthy of our care and attention. I am always a person who knows how to love and cherish my babies. For my favorite wigs, I put more energy since they are not only stylish and adaptable, but also simple to care for and wear. However, just like with any other hairstyle, it's crucial to take care of your box braid wig to ensure its longevity. I've been wearing box braid wigs for a while now, and I've picked up a few tips on how to keep them looking fantastic. But do not worry, these tips are very easy to follow as long as you keep patient! So, ready to learn?

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Dos: Proper cleaning and deep conditioning

Similar to your genuine hair, your wig needs to be washed frequently to stay tidy and odor-free. I usually wash my wigs by mild baby shampoo once every 2 weeks so that my wigs don't look dirty, meanwhile, the frequency is suitable for protecting my wigs. You can thoroughly clean your wig by washing it in lukewarm water with a light shampoo. When washing your wig, it's crucial to be gentle and to avoid rubbing too vigorously or tangling the braids. The wig's lifespan may be shortened, and its fibers may be damaged as a result. Remember to let the wig air dry entirely after washing it before putting it back on. By the way, your wig may lose its shape and texture if you dry it by heat, so avoid doing that.

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Don'ts: Excessive product

Less is more! When it comes to properly hydrating a box braid wig without weighing hair down, lightweight leave-in conditioners, moisturizing sprays, and occasional misting with water work best.

But heavy products like oils and gels can weigh down the wig and cause it to tangle. Do not suppose that the more you invest, the better it is for you wig. Few month ago, I spent a lot of money to buy a very expensive bottle of essential oil, I thought it would work very well, but instead, I lost my cute wig!

Dos: Careful preservation

Where do you usually put your wig? The proper storing method is put your wig on a wig stand or cushioned mannequin head. Wigs shouldn't ever be hung on pegs or hooks since this will make them stretch out and eventually grow bald on top. I still remembered I put my first wig on the nail, and when I got up the next day, I found that it was completely deformed so that I couldn't wear it anymore. So storing on a stand to retain their shape and fullness. Whats more, a permeable cover or vacuum-sealed bag should be used to protect wigs from dust. The ideal storage location is a temperature-controlled closet since extreme temperatures can hasten the fading, felting, and brittleness of wigs.

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Don'ts: Sleep with it on

To be honest, I can understand that many friends are very tired after a busy day, so they do not care so much, and they just want to lie in bed directly. Even though it could be alluring, it's not a good idea to sleep in your box braid wig. Your wig may become tangled and lose its shape if you sleep in it. Before going to bed, always remove your wig and keep it correctly.

Dos: Resist with the sun

I am always taking care of my wig as my second face. The sun can harm your box braid wig just like it can harm your own hair. When I am outside, I always cover my wig with a hat, scarf, or wig cap to shield it from the sun and environmental stress. Additionally, you can use a leave-in conditioner with an SPF of 30 or higher to help protect the wig from damaging UV rays.

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Don'ts: Heat treatment

Many girls adore using tools like curling irons to create a variety of looks. But I recommended not doing so since the heat can cause boxing to loosen, braids to frizz, and hair fibers to break. When heat styling is required, heat protectant sprays can reduce damage. The gentlest method I have tried for preserving style and avoiding heat damage is air drying.

By the way, chlorinated water from swimming pools can fade and dry out box braids over time. Rinse hair with conditioner and water after swimming to remove chlorine residue and seal hair with a deep conditioning oil or serum.

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I wish you wouldn't think I'm nagging. Actually, maintaining your box braid wig is easy as long as you follow these dos and don'ts. Remember to clean and store your wig properly and avoid using heavy products or hot tools as well as sleeping with it . You won't rapidly become tired of the same wigs if you take the necessary precautions and are dedicated to the process of recycling them. If you are looking for some stylish wigs, FANCIVIVI may perfectly meet your desire. Please get in touch if you have any more inquiries. I am always here!