Beginner's Tutorial: How to Install a Butterfly Locs Wig Like a Pro

Beginner's Tutorial: How to Install a Butterfly Locs Wig Like a Pro



Butterfly locs have become increasingly popular as a protective natural hairstyle. Their intricate woven design looks gorgeous and allows hair to comfortably grow without constant manipulation. While getting natural butterfly locs installed by a professional can be time-consuming and expensive, loc wigs provide an affordable, lower-maintenance alternative.


In this tutorial, I'll break down the step-by-step process of installing a butterfly locs wig like a pro. Whether you're a beginner looking to try the protective style or a loc veteran wanting to change things up, following these tips will help you achieve a natural-looking install you can feel confident rocking.

Preparing Your Hair and Scalp


The foundation of any protective style install lies in properly prepping your natural hair and scalp underneath. Taking these preparatory steps will help your loc wig fit securely and comfortably for weeks.


Start by thoroughly cleansing your scalp to remove buildup and create a smooth base. Use a moisturizing shampoo and avoid anything with harsh surfactants that could irritate skin. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid product residue.


Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb or brush, working from ends to roots. This reduces tension and prevents butterfly locs wig from snagging on knots during installation.


If needed, trim off any loose, uneven ends so the wig fits smoothly along your hairline. Keep lines straight with razor blades or thinning shears for a polished look.


Protective styles like loc wigs are low-maintenance, but your scalp still needs TLC. Moisturize with a lightweight oil like coconut or jojoba to nourish skin without buildup or residue. A hydrated scalp stays happy!


Selecting a Wig


There are many options when it comes to loc wigs, so choose carefully based on your hair type, length preferences and desired aesthetics. Here are a few things to consider when wig shopping:


Cap Construction:

Full lace wigs like those from FANCIVIVI have undetectable hairlines, while lace front styles provide coverage at the front hairline only. Go for full lace if you want versatility.

Fiber Type:

Kanekalon or synthetic locs hold style well and last months with proper care. Human hair locs offer more naturalism but require higher maintenance.


Locs Size:

Small locs resemble natural butterfly locs but may be less sturdy. Large locs have more structure and definition throughout styling.


Locs Density:

Hair with space between locs looks airy, while dense locs create volume. Find your balance of definition and breathability.


Locs Texture:

Straight, wavy or coily locs behave differently. Wavy styles retain curl definition with less effort.


Take measurements to ensure proper wig size before purchasing. A snug fit prevents slippage without tightness or scalp stress.


Placing the Wig Cap


Now you're ready to install your new butterfly locs wig! Begin by removing any hair ties or accessories securing your natural hair. The goal is smoothing it cleanly against your scalp.


Place the soft wig cap against your head, making any necessary adjustments to the Velcro or elastic straps for a comfortable fit. The cap should lay flat without bumps or creases underneath the wig location.


If your natural hairline and the lace front don't align perfectly, use a small pair of scissors to carefully trim excess lace to your hairline shape. Blend any minor differences with concealer matching your skin tone.


Applying adhesive, got2b Glued styling gel or lace tape around the hairline secures the wig in place for hours. Apply in a thin, EVEN layer and avoid directly contacting skin. Allow drying before installation.


Placing and Securing the Wigs


With wig cap fitted smoothly, you're ready to add your new butterfly locs or braided wig! Carefully place the wig onto your head, aligning the hairline with your prepared edges.Use both hands to gently smooth the braided wigs down, working out any remaining bumps or creases from the cap. Tug very slightly if the lace needs better contact, being careful not to disrupt the hairline alignment.


Once smoothly laid, tie a soft silk scarf or bonnet around your forehead and wig cap edges. This both presses the lace further while protecting new install from friction or impact.


Allow adhesive or styling product to fully dry with head covering in place, about 30 minutes. Periodically check hairline contact is even and secure before removing ties and finalizing install.


Styling and Maintaining Your New Locs


With your wig installed, it's time to give your new locs some love! Add volume and definition by separating and finger-coiling individual sections.


Work your way systematically around the head, squeezing locs gently between thumb and forefinger to curl strands. Twist strands away from face for a polished look.


Part locs as desired with a small rattail comb. Reinforce the part with styling gel or pomade to prevent switching as hair is moved around.


Finish the look by misting with a light holding spray to calm flyaways. Apply a hydrating oil treatment weekly to keep fibers soft.


To maintain your butterfly locs wig between washes, fluff roots daily with your fingers or pick. Gently separate locs that mesh together with a bit of conditioner or oil on your hands.


Store in a protective bonnet or loc sock at night to preserve curls and prevent tangling as you sleep. With basic TLC, your locs will stay fresh for weeks or months of wear!


Boho Braids and Braided Wigs for Black Women


Butterfly locs wigs provide versatility not just for locs, but also converting to other protective braided styles easily. Try loosening sections into boho braids by separating into three equal strands and braiding loosely away from face.


Secure ends with clear elastics or beads for effortless texture. Loosen further into fuzzy cornrows down the sides of the head for a laidback summer vibe.Braided wigs let youchange protective styles on a whim without endless retouch visits. Locs transform to box braids or twists by unraveling sections into uniform braids. Braided installs offer definition with breathability for active lifestyles.


In conclusion, loc wigs provide a protective style option that's lower maintenance and customizable for all hair lengths and textures. With the right wig and healthy haircare practices, you'll be turning heads in your new butterfly locs install for weeks to come!




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All FANCIVIVI products use premium Japanese fiber, HD lace fronts and adjustable elastic straps for secure, natural-looking wear. Popular items include their Medium Knotless Box Braids Wig for a boho-chic look, Extra Long Locs Braided Wig bringing effortless waves to any style, and braided wigs for black women.


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