How to Cut a Lace Front Braided Wig?

How to Cut a Lace Front Braided Wig? - FANCIVIVI Braided Wigs

Because of the versatility and natural appearance, lace front wigs for black women becomes more and more popular. If you want to change up your hairstyle or hide hair loss, a lace front wig is a great option. However, cutting a lace front wig can be a challenging task if you're new to wigs. Don’t be afraid, we'll go over five steps to help you cut a more natural-looking lace front wig in this article.

1.Measure the wig against your natural hairline

Before you start cutting your lace front wig, it's important to measure the wig against your natural hairline. Put the wig on your head and adjust it until it sits snugly in place. Part the hair along the lace front by using a comb and compare it to your natural hairline. Mark any areas where the wig may be too long or where the lace is extending past your natural hairline.

2.Trim the excess lace

When you finish marking the areas where the wig needs to be trimmed, use scissors to cut off the excess lace. Make sure not to cut too close to the hairline, as this will make the lace too fray or unravel. In order to create a more natural-looking hairline, remember to leave a small amount of lace.

3.Use thinning shears to create texture

Next, use thinning shears to create a more textured, natural-looking hairline. Work your way outwards from the center of the wig, creating small, wispy strands of hair along the lace front. This will help the wig blend in more smoothly and continuously with your natural hairline and create a more natural-looking transition from wig to skin.

How to trim lace front wigs - FANCIVIVI Braided Wig

4.Cut the length of the wig

Once you've trimmed the lace and created a more natural-looking hairline, it's time to cut the length of the braided wig. Start at the back of the wig and work your way up to the top and sides. Cut small sections of hair at a time. Use normal scissors to create layers and texture that imitate the look of natural hair. Be sure to cut the hair at an angle so as to create a more natural-looking shape.

5.Use a razor to create wispy ends

Finally, use a razor to create wispy, textured ends. It will help you soften the look of the wig and make it appear more natural. Too much texturing can make the wig look frizzy or unkempt, so do not overdo it. Use a comb to style the bob wig properly, taking care to create a natural-looking part and blend the wig with your natural hair.

It's both difficult and intimidating to cut a lace front wig, but with these five steps, you can achieve a natural-looking cut that enhances your overall look easily. Remember to go slow and take your time, cutting small sections of hair at a time. You'll be able to cut your lace front wig confidently with practice and create a personalized style that suits you best. So go ahead and give it a try!