From Casual to Glam: How to Rock Tribal Braids for Any Occasion

From Casual to Glam: How to Rock Tribal Braids for Any Occasion



Braids are such a lovely way to style your hair. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also comfortable and easy to manage. One braiding technique I simply adore is tribal braids. They can take your look from casual everyday vibes to full on glam in an instant. Whether you’re running errands or going to a fancy event, tribal braids have you covered.


In this guide, I’ll be sharing my favorite tribal braid styles and how to achieve them. From simple flat twist braids perfect for lounging to intricate beaded styles worthy of the red carpet, I’ll show you different options suited to any occasion. By the end, you’ll have the skills and confidence to rock gorgeous braids whatever you have going on. Let’s get started!


1. Flat Twist Braids for Relaxing Days


When you’re just wanting low-key hair that stays put all day, you can’t go past flat twist braids. They’re so neat and defined yet never feel restrictive. To do them, start by parting your hair wherever you like - I usually do a side part. Then take a small section near your hairline and split it into two equal strands.


Take one strand and twist it under and over the other strand moving down the length of hair to form tribal braids. Make sure to incorporate hair from the root as you twist to keep it flat against the scalp. Keep twisting all the way to the ends and secure with an elastic or bobby pins. Repeat on the other side. I like to apply a little serum or oil to keep the strands sleek. These babies will last you hours whether you’re working from home or running errands.

 Rock Tribal Braids for Any Occasion

2. Box Braids to Dress Up Night Looks


Wanting something a bit dressier? Try box braids. They take longer to install than flat twists but really make a statement. First, section your hair into triangular parts wherever feels natural for your hair texture. Take sections that are about 1/2 inch wide and start braiding.


Braid normally until you reach the end, then fold the last few strands under and continue braiding to seal it off neatly. Be sure to add hair into the braids as you go to keep them full and bouncy. I’ll sometimes add accessories like beads or hair rings woven into the strands. Spritz with a firm hold hairspray once done. These braids look fantastic with a LBD or jumpsuit for dinner dates or nights out.


3. Elaborately Beaded Braids for Special Occasions


Now when the event calls for all-out glam, beaded braids are unbeatable. Individual braids decorated with gems or sequins make such a statement. You’ll want to start with clean, freshly conditioned hair to make the installation process easier. Since these will take some time, be prepared to spend a few hours doing them.


Part your hair into multiple sections taking thin pieces, no more than 1/4 inch wide. Carefully braid each section all the way to the end. Then, weave thread or fine beading wire pre-strung with beads into the braid, securing with small loops as you go. Once the entire braid is decorated, wrap the end with thread or wire and trim neatly. Finish with strong hairspray or styling gel to keep perfect all night long. These dazzling braids or a beautifully beaded knotless braid wig would wow at weddings, formals, or other high profile events.

 Rock Tribal Braids

4. Updos for Versatility


Nailing braids is one thing, but being able to style them into gorgeous upsweeps and buns takes your options to the next level. Here are a couple of my go-to updo styles perfect for anything from job interviews to dinner dates:


Braid Crown: For this look, use four flat twists or fishtail braids positioned around the head like a crown. Secure the bottom ends with elastics or pins hidden underneath before gathering the hair into a low bun. This sleek style shows off your features.


Wrapped Braid: Start with one long braid snaking down the back of the head. Pin the bottom end curled into a loop before wrapping the braid around itself and pinning into place atop the head for a bohemian flair. Great for hot summer nights out. Lace Front Wigs are also versatile for styling in upsweeps and buns for a range of glamorous or natural looks.


5. Maintenance and Longevity


No matter what braided style you choose, keeping it in tip-top shape will maximize your wear time. Here are my go-to tips:


Rinse braids weekly under warm water and massage with conditioning spray or cream to keep them from drying out.


Use flexi rods, velcro rollers or braid elastics gently rolled at nights to refresh the shape without disturbing the braids.


Refresh with a spritz of texturizing spray, dry shampoo or grooming cream for extra volume as needed.


Secure style with scarves or bonnets to bed to minimize frizzing and flyways while you sleep.


Refresh partings with a small pick or tail comb to maintain a neat appearance.


With some TLC, most braided styles will last 2 weeks or longer before needing to be re-done. Beading may need touch ups more frequently.

 Rock Tribal Braid

Get Creative!

I hope this guide has inspired you to experiment with tribal braids in your own hair. Don't be afraid to customize techniques or combine styles. Braids allow for endless creativity. Feel empowered to rock your natural hair texture in beautiful, brave ways through braiding.


For those looking for a lower maintenance braiding option, wigs are a great solution. FANCIVIVl is a brand that specializes in handmade braided wigs for black women. Their wigs are created with high quality human hair and detailed braiding techniques for a natural look and feel.


FANCIVIVl wigs offer the style and versatility of braids without the long term commitment, so you can change up your look easily.