Get the Ultimate Length with 36 Inch Box Braids: Styling and Care Guide

Get the Ultimate Length with 36 Inch Box Braids: Styling and Care Guide

I've always been drawn to the dramatic and eye-catching 36-inch box braids as a long-time admirer of box braids and their ability to give both protection and style. The versatility and sheer beauty of this hairstyle make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a statement while keeping their natural hair protected. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive guide to styling and caring for 36-inch box braids, and share my experience with FANCIVIVI, a brand that creates braided wigs for black women.

Styling Tips for 36-Inch Box Braids

Half-up, half-down styles: With 36-inch box braids' incredible length, you can easily create beautiful half-up, half-down styles that highlight your braids and frame your face. Simply gather the top portion of your braids and secure it with a decorative hair clip or a hair tie.

Elegant updos: For a more formal look, try an elegant updo, such as a high bun or a low side bun. These styles are perfect for special occasions or when you want a chic and polished appearance.


Braided crowns: Create a beautiful braided crown by wrapping one or two braids around your head, securing them with bobby pins as you go. This regal look is ideal for lending a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Ponytails: A high or low ponytail is a classic and simple way to keep your 36-inch box braids neat and under control. You can also experiment with multiple ponytails or braided ponytails for a fun and playful look.

Accessorize: Adding accessories like beads, cuffs, or hair rings can give your box braids a unique and personalized touch. These embellishments are a fantastic way to showcase your individual style and elevate your overall look.

Caring for 36-Inch Box Braids

To keep your scalp healthy and clean while wearing box braids, use a gentle shampoo or specialized cleanser that won't cause frizz or disrupt your braids.

Moisturize your hair and scalp: Regularly apply a lightweight, water-based moisturizer or hair oil to your scalp and the length of your braids to prevent dryness and itching.


Protect your braids at night: To maintain the appearance and longevity of your 36-inch box braids, wrap them in a satin or silk scarf or sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. This will help minimize frizz and keep your braids looking fresh and neat.

Schedule a takedown: To prevent hair damage and breakage, it's crucial not to keep box braids in for too long. Experts advise removing box braids after 8-10 weeks to avoid matting and maintain the health of your natural hair.

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By providing a comprehensive guide to styling and caring for 36-inch box braids and sharing my experience, I aim to encourage others to embrace the beauty and versatility of this stunning hairstyle. Whether you prefer traditional box braids or the convenience of a FANCIVIVI braided wig, this hairstyle offers endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity.

So go ahead and explore the world of 36-inch box braids – whether you decide to install them yourself or enjoy the ease of a FANCIVIVI braided wig, you're sure to turn heads and make a bold statement with this striking hairstyle. Just remember to follow proper maintenance practices to keep your hair and scalp healthy, and don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and accessories to showcase your unique personality.