Long and Luxurious: Discover the Beauty of 36 Inch Wigs

Long and Luxurious: Discover the Beauty of 36 Inch Wigs

Long, luxuriant hair has always been associated with elegance, charm, and sophistication in terms of hairstyles. Long hair is a sign of femininity and confidence for many people. Wigs now come in a broad variety of styles, hues, and lengths to fit every taste and preference thanks to recent advancements in the wig industry. For individuals looking to attain a striking and dramatic look, 36 inch wigs have grown in popularity. In this post, we'll discuss some of the most popular braiding patterns, including square box braids, double knotless braids, and crisscross knotless braids, as well as the beauty of 36-inch wigs.

The Allure of 36 Inch Wigs

For ladies who want a long, opulent look without the time and dedication needed to grow and maintain their real hair, 36 inch wigs offer a number of advantages. These wigs are adaptable, enabling the wearer to quickly change their hairstyle. Additionally, they shield natural hair from harm caused by harsh treatments like dyeing, heat style, and coloring.

36 Inch Wigs

The capacity of 36 inch wigs to produce a striking and dramatic image is one of its best qualities. These wigs' length enables the wearer to experiment with a variety of hairstyles, from straight and sleek to curly and voluminous. A canvas for elaborate braiding techniques like square box braids, knotless locs, and crisscross knotless braids is also made possible by the lengthening.

Popular Styles of 36 Inch Wigs

1. Square Box Braids

Due to their distinctive and edgy appearance, square box braids, which have been a common hairstyle for decades, have recently seen a resurgence in favor. The hair is divided into tiny, square-shaped portions, and each section is then braided separately to produce these braids. The end result is a tidy, symmetrical design that gives the hairdo depth and visual intrigue.

The adaptability of square box braids is one of their many benefits. Square box braided wigs measuring 36 inches long can be fashioned in a variety of ways, including beautiful updos, high ponytails, and half-up, half-down looks. For people who like a fashionable yet functional haircut, these braids also provide a low-maintenance choice. They don't need to be replaced after a few weeks and are simple to maintain.

36 Inch box braided Wigs

A multitude of hair kinds, including synthetic hair, human hair, and even thread, can be used to make square box braids. A versatile and reasonably priced choice, synthetic hair is available in a variety of hues and textures. Although more expensive, human hair delivers a more realistic appearance and feel. Another option that can be made in different colors and is fantastic for people with sensitive scalps is yarn braids.

2. Double Knotless Braids

Women who want a smooth and natural-looking haircut have begun to favor double knotless braids, a trendy and well-liked braiding technique. Instead of employing the conventional method of sectioning and splitting the hair before braiding, this technique incorporates hair strands into the braid as it is being made to create a seamless and flawless braid.

36 Inch braided Wigs

Starting with a little part of hair and progressively adding more as the braid develops is how the double knotless braid technique is done. This results in a natural-looking transition from the scalp to the end of the braid that is gradual and smooth. Double knotless braids are preferred by those who like a more polished and refined appearance since they lack apparent knots or bumps in contrast to traditional braids.

Double knotless braids on 36-inch wigs provide a low-maintenance and adaptable hairdo choice. They are styleable in a variety of ways, such as side-swept looks, low ponytails, and elaborate updos. The 36 inch wig's additional length gives you plenty of freedom to experiment with various styles and develop a distinctive and personalized appearance.

Human or synthetic hair can be used to make double knotless braids. A more economical choice, synthetic hair is available in a range of hues and textures. Although more expensive, human hair delivers a more realistic appearance and feel. It is important to choose high-quality hair extensions to ensure a seamless and natural-looking braid.

3. Criss Cross Knotless Braids

The fashionable and eye-catching knotless braid variety known as the criss cross knotless braid. This method involves braiding the hair in a criss cross pattern to produce a distinctive and eye-catching appearance. For people seeking a distinctive and stylish appearance, 36 inch wigs with criss cross knotless braids are ideal since they can be dressed in a variety of ways, including high buns, half-up styles, and cascading ponytails.

36 Inch braids Wigs

Additional Features of 36 Inch Wigs

Many 36 inch wigs come with additional features that improve their appearance and make them even more comfortable and realistic-looking, in addition to the many braiding methods that are available. Popular characteristics include:

1. Wig with baby hair

Wigs with baby hair feature shorter, finer strands of hair around the hairline, creating a more natural and realistic appearance. This feature is especially useful for those who wish to wear their wig in updos or other styles that expose the hairline.

2. Box braid wigs

Box braid wigs are pre-braided wigs that offer the convenience of wearing braided hairstyles without the time and effort required to create them on your own hair. These wigs come in various styles, including square box braids, knotless twists, and knotless locs.

3. Knotless twist

Knotless twists are similar to knotless braids but feature a twisted design rather than a braided one. These twists create a softer and more natural look, making them ideal for those who prefer a more subtle and understated appearance.

36 Inch box braids


Finally, for individuals who seek long, luxuriant locks, 36 inch wigs offer a gorgeous and dramatic look. Every taste and choice can be satisfied by a 36 inch wig thanks to the variety of braiding styles available, including square box braids, double knotless braids, and criss cross knotless braids, as well as extra features like wigs with baby hair and box braid wigs. With a 36 inch wig, you can enjoy the versatility and elegance that come with having long, beautiful hair. Our braided wigs for black ladies are made with the utmost care at FANCIVIVI. Our wigs are skillfully constructed with excellent hair extensions to give them a natural and seamless appearance. In addition to 36-inch wigs with square box braids, double knotless braids, and crisscross knotless braids, we also provide a broad variety of other designs. Our ultimate objective is to offer our clients an opulent and simple means of achieving their ideal look. Visit https://www.fancivivi.com/ to explore our range of gorgeous braided wigs and learn more about our company.