53 Gorgeous Lemonade Braids Wig Hairstyles for Black Women

53 Gorgeous Lemonade Braids Wig Hairstyles for Black Women

What Are Lemonade Braids?

Black women frequently use the protective hairstyle known as lemonade braids. Lemonade braids are formed into cornrows on one side of the head and swept into an exquisite side sweep, unlike ordinary box braids, which feature rectangular portions.

When Beyonce introduced this braided hairstyle in 2016, the album "Lemonade" served as the inspiration for the name. They rapidly became a popular fashion that many people followed because of their relaxed yet edgy atmosphere.

What’s The Difference Between Box Braids And Lemonade Braids?

Both styles use hair extensions that have been braided, while box braids have parts that are divided into square or rectangular patterns all over the head. Instead, cornrows are braided on one side, typically the left, and then gathered into a cascade of braids hanging on one side for lemonade braids.

Let's look at more than 50 gorgeous ways to style lemonade braids now that you know what makes them unique from conventional box braids and what makes them what they are. There are various ways to personalize this hairstyle and highlight your unique style, including bright ombré, beads, buns, and twists. For ideas on how to braid a lemonade, keep reading!

1. Lemonade Braids with Heart

Add a touch of romance to your lemonade braids with a sweet heart shape. These braids start with cornrows on one side gathered into a low side ponytail. The extensions are then braided into longer strands that are looped into a big heart shape. The effect is a hairstyle perfect for date night or events where you want to spread a little love!

 Lemonade Braids with Heart

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2. Lemonade Tribal Braids

These braids deftly combine tribal elements with the current lemonade style. Cool, monochromatic extensions with a dramatic side sweep are available. For an edgy, artistic appearance, the unusual patterns and shapes produce eye-catching texture and dimension. This hybrid combines the versatility of lemonade braids with the trendy nature of tribal braided hairstyles. These braids, which have a sweeping asymmetric silhouette and a tribal influence, are incredibly fashionable. With their beautiful tribal braids hairstyles, let these braids showcase your adventurous personality.

 Lemonade Tribal Braids

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3. Cornrow Lemonade Braids

This style keeps things classic and clean with cornrows running along the scalp on one side into the cascading lemonade braids. The neat, orderly cornrows contrast with the free-flowing braids for visual interest. Go for a solid color or add ombre styling for a look that’s great for work or weekends.

 Cornrow Lemonade Braids

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4. Ghana Lemonade Braids

Rock braids inspired by beautiful African culture with these Ghana-style lemonade braids. They have a simple pattern of cornrows feeding into two braids hand-woven with traditional African thread. The gorgeous earth tones and simple styling result in a rich, authentic look.

 Ghana Lemonade Braids

5. Side Lemonade Braids

Part your hair deeply to one side before sweeping it back into the signature lemonade braid look. The extreme side part allows your cute face to peek out and highlights your gorgeous facial features. Pair it with a pop of bright color in the braided extensions for a fun summer festival or concert look.

 Side Lemonade Braids

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6. Medium Lemonade Braids

Do you like shorter braids that are still expressive? This length in the middle is ideal. With cornrows on one side and a waterfall of box braids that extends to your shoulders, you can achieve texture, movement, and style without having your hair look excessively long. For an everyday, low-maintenance protective style, the medium length works wonderfully.

 Medium Lemonade Braids

7. Small Lemonade Braids

Petite braids are oh-so-cute and charming. These small lemonade braids use thin extensions to create a darling, feminine style. Swept to the side, the slim braids have a flirty, romantic vibe. Pair them with natural makeup for a sweet everyday look or glam it up for date night.

 Small Lemonade Braids

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8. Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Make a seriously bold statement with these jumbo lemonade braids. Extra thick strands of kanekalon hair are braided into large knotless braids, creating an ultra eye-catching look. Jumbo braids are a top trend within large knotless braids hairstyles. Part your own hair deeply first, then sculpt the massive braids into an exaggerated side sweep. The huge lemonade braids command attention with their glamorous volume and presence. There's no missing these dramatic jumbo braids swept to the side in an opulent large knotless braids hairstyle. With their larger-than-life size and sassy attitude, these braids make a major style statement.

 Jumbo Lemonade Braids


9. Ponytail Lemonade Braids

This style takes lemonade braids up into a sleek high ponytail. Start with cornrows feeding into braids as usual, then gather them smoothly on top of the head, securing into a flawless ponytail. This stretches out your braids for a longer look and keeps them off your neck in summer heat.

 Ponytail Lemonade Braids

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10. Kids Lemonade Braids

Even little girls can rock the lemonade braid style! These kid-friendly braids use less hair so they're lighter weight. And the shorter length is perfect for an active child's busy schedule. Finish with fun beads on the ends or a bow for every girl's dream hairstyle.

 Kids Lemonade Braids

11. Lemonade Braids with Curls

Curls add effortless volume and bounce to the classic lemonade braids look. After installing the signature swept braids, use flexi rods or a curling wand to create beachy, carefree curls along the ends. The fusion of the neat cornrow braids with the soft curls results in a chic lemonade braids with curls hairstyle. It's a playful look that's perfect for a summer music festival or a beach vacation. The textured contrast between the tight braids and loose curls embodies easygoing boho-chic style. Lemonade braids with curls hairstyles are trending for their lively, free-spirited aesthetic.

 Lemonade Braids with Curls

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12. Beyonce Lemonade Braids

Channel Queen Bey herself with lemonade braids styled just like she wore them. Part your natural hair deep to one side and cornrow it back into a low side ponytail feeding into long box braids with blunt ends. This edgy yet feminine look will have you feeling flawless.

 Beyonce Lemonade Braids

13. Lemonade Braids with Beads

Add some colorful personality to basic lemonade braids by finishing them off with fun beads. Tie the beads onto the ends of each braid or attach them sporadically throughout the length. You can match all the beads or mix and match colors for a funky effect.

 Lemonade Braids with Beads

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14. French Braid Ponytail Lemonade Braids

Before sweeping them into a ponytail, begin your lemonade braids with a fashionable French braid along the cornrows. This provides a complex texture and appealing visuals. For additional styling possibilities, combine the French braid feature with either a high ponytail or low ponytail.

 French Braid Ponytail Lemonade Braids

15. Knotless Lemonade Braids

Achieve a seamless, natural-looking finish with knotless lemonade braids. These braids are formed using the knotless technique, which involves gradually adding in extensions as you braid back instead of pre-braiding with added hair. This creates smooth, continuous braids with no visible knots or bumps along the length. The knotless technique allows the lemonade braids to lay flatter and appear more integrated with your natural hair. Knotless braids are versatile and move fluidly as you walk. Finish these braids off with clear beads for subtle embellishment. Knotless lemonade braids give you flowy, lightweight braids that look and feel incredibly natural.

 Knotless Lemonade Braids

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16. Long Lemonade Braids

Go for super long, waist-length lemonade braids to really make a statement. The exaggerated length takes this style to bold new heights. Ensure your braids are securely installed and care for the ends to keep them looking flawless. Finish with beads or gold cuffs for showstopping impact.

 Long Lemonade Braids

17. Medium Lemonade Braids with Two Braids on the Side

Change up the usual lemonade braid look by starting with two neat cornrow braids on the side instead of one. This creates a cool braided effect at the front before collecting the back into the flowing lemonade braids. It adds extra dimension and styling options.

 Medium Lemonade Braids with Two Braids on the Side

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18. Lemonade Braids Updo

Style your lemonade braids into a gorgeous updo for formal events or when you need your braids up and out of the way. Twist them elegantly atop your head in a braided bun or intricately loop the braids into a woven updo secured with pins. Elevate the look with hair jewelry pieces.

 Lemonade Braids Updo

19. Lemonade Braids with Color

By obtaining lemonade braids with hair extensions in striking hues like electric blue, purple, red, or green, you can make a strong color statement. The braids' vibrant ombre look is produced by the eye-catching hues intertwined throughout them. This vibrant look is ideal for celebrations or pride.

 Lemonade Braids with Color

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20. Lemonade Braids with Curls at the End

If you love big hair, get the best of both worlds by adding curls to the ends of your lemonade braids. Use flexi rods on the ends or carefully curl with a wand to get touchable bouncy curls. The curls balance the swept braids with volume and movement.

 Lemonade Braids with Curls at the End

21. Lemonade Braids with Hearts on the Side

Add delicate charm to your look with tiny embroidered hearts applied along the side braids of your lemonade style. The hearts offer a feminine, flirty touch and can be matched to your outfit color for a coordinated look. They're perfect for festivals, summer days and romantic dates.

 Lemonade Braids with Hearts on the Side

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22. Red Lemonade Braids

Make a fiery statement with bold red lemonade braids. The vibrant crimson shade looks amazing on dark hair colors. For extra dimension, add thin blonde highlights throughout the red braids. This color combo is perfect for making a standout entrance.

 Red Lemonade Braids

23. All Up Ponytail Lemonade Braids

By putting your lemonade braids up in a voluminous ponytail, you may avoid the summertime heat. For a cute look, simply sweep all the braids together and fasten in a high or low ponytail holder. Tease the ponytail for occasions or nights out, then add a sparkling hair wrap to complete the look.

 All Up Ponytail Lemonade Braids

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24. Bohemian Lemonade Braids

These bohemian lemonade braids embody carefree, boho-chic style. Loosely braided extensions in an array of earthy brown hues effortlessly create a laidback, free-spirited look. Bohemian braids hairstyles are defined by their relaxed vibe. Finishing these braids with suede cords and beads enhances their natural, wanderlust charm. Bohemian lemonade braids are perfect for channeling boho vibes at summer music festivals or for weekends lounging oceanside. The varied brown tones and unfinished ends capture the essence of bohemian braids hairstyles.

 Bohemian Lemonade Braids

25. Lemonade Braids with Designs

Make your lemonade braids unique by shaving cool designs along the side of your cornrowed hair before braiding. Geometric patterns like triangles, lines and zigzags add an edgy, artsy touch. Or get creative with your name, initials or fun symbols. The designs peeking out from the braids create striking texture.

 Lemonade Braids with Designs

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26. Blonde Lemonade Braids

For the summer, go bright and light with lovely blonde lemonade braids. An all-blonde extension set gives off a beachy, sun-kissed appearance. Add a few tiny black braids here and there throughout the blonde for more depth. For a fashionable ombre impression, the warm blonde blends flawlessly with the dark roots.

 Blonde Lemonade Braids

27. Cute Lemonade Braids

Half-up, half-down styling creates a cute take on the classic lemonade braids look. Cornrow the front and sweep into a side ponytail, then leave the rest loose. Decorative beads on the ends add a girly touch. Rock this flirty style for a first date or weekend out with friends.

 Cute Lemonade Braids

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28. Small Lemonade Braids

These small lemonade braids are mini braids with maximum impact. Tiny, delicate braids are created using thin extensions and artfully swept to the side. Small knotless braids hairstyles like these are totally adorable and flirty. The slim, petite braids are also gentle on the scalp. Small lemonade braids are a top choice within small knotless braids hairstyles for their cute style and practical comfort. Matching beads to your outfit adds an extra pop of color. With their tiny size and darling vibe, these petite braids make a major statement.

 Small Lemonade Braids

29. Lemonade Braids to the Back

Change up the signature side sweep by braiding your cornrows into a low ponytail at the back of your head instead. This creates a cascade of lemonade braids flowing down your back. From the front, it looks like a fall of free, loose natural curls.

 Lemonade Braids to the Back

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30. Lemonade Braids with Heart and Beads

Incorporate different embellishments by attaching both beads and fabric hearts to your braids. Dot hearts down the length of the braids or cluster them around the ends. Continue beads throughout for a playful, multi-textured look. The beads and hearts add girly personality.

 Lemonade Braids with Heart and Beads

31. Lemonade Braids with No Edges

If you prefer a sleek, minimalist look, get lemonade braids with no exposed edges. Cornrow your natural hair all the way back into the braided ponytail or bun to keep your edges laid under the braids. The finished style is super clean and streamlined.

 Lemonade Braids with No Edges

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32. Lemonade Feed-In Braids

Make installation easier and protect your natural hair by starting lemonade braids with feed-in cornrow braids. This method braids the extensions in gradually as the cornrows progress across the head in sections. It helps the braids lay flatter and anchors them better.

 Lemonade Feed-In Braids

33. Short Lemonade Braids

Keep the length of your lemonade braids short and playful to keep them lovely and casual. These shoulder- or chin-length braids are simpler to put on and style. You can display interesting beads, charms, and hair accessories thanks to the shorter length. Move on with your hectic day by shaking your braids.

 Short Lemonade Braids

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34. Burgundy Lemonade Braids

Make a bold color statement with rich burgundy lemonade braids. The deep reddish purple hue looks beautiful on darker complexions. For extra dimension, incorporate a few thin blonde braids throughout the burgundy. This vampy color is perfect when you want to stand out.

 Burgundy Lemonade Braids

35. Goddess Lemonade Braids

These goddess lemonade braids are fit for royalty, channeling true regal elegance. Begin with intricate cornrow patterns reminiscent of an ornate crown. Then sweep into a thick, majestic side braid. Goddess braids hairstyles are all about creating a feeling of luxury and opulence. Weave gold cords or ribbons throughout the braid for a lavish finishing touch. These braids are made for queens, evoking majestic goddess braids hairstyles vibes with every step. Feel like true royalty as you rock these elegant lemonade braids worthy of a goddess.

 Goddess Lemonade Braids

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36. Straight Back Lemonade Braids

Put a fresh spin on the look by parting your hair down the middle and sweeping the braids straight back. This creates a lovely framed look from the front while sending the braids down your back. The sleek center part pairs perfectly with casual or dressy outfits.

 Straight Back Lemonade Braids

37. Layered Lemonade Braids

A layered lemonade braid style can provide depth, motion, and interest. Before plaiting your hair, divide it into several layers. Shorter braids should frame the face, while larger braids should be placed farther back. Different braid lengths offer interesting asymmetry. For a weighted feel, add decorative cuffs to the ends of each layer. The braids' gradated lengths produce a depth-filled, shape-shifting look.

 Layered Lemonade Braids

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38. Lemonade Box Braids

Get the best of both worlds by combining lemonade braids with classic box braids hairstyles. Style the front section into signature lemonade braids, then start box braiding the back into a half-up, half-down look. This adds visual interest and versatility.

 Lemonade Box Braids

39. Lemonade Braids with 2 Hearts

Double the romance by shaping two of your lemonade braids in the front into adorable hearts. Tie ribbons around the hearts or thread them onto the braids for a playful finishing touch. This fun style is perfect for date nights, weddings and celebrations.

 Lemonade Braids with 2 Hearts

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40. Pink Lemonade Braids

Add a burst of girly color with lively pink lemonade braids. Pink works beautifully on all skin tones from peach to chocolate. For extra pizzazz, incorporate a few thin yellow braids throughout the pink. This color combo is deliciously cute and lively.

 Pink Lemonade Braids

41. Freestyle Lemonade Braids

Unleash your creative side by freestyling your lemonade braids into a unique shape. Play with braiding shapes like waves, zigzags or loops before sweeping them over. You can also vary the braids’ lengths and thickness for freeform style.


Freestyle Lemonade Braids

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42. Ghana Cornrows Lemonade Braids

These braids masterfully combine traditional African cornrows with the signature lemonade braid style. Begin by intricately braiding the front section into geometric Ghana braids in a cool criss cross pattern. Criss cross braids hairstyles fuse artful textures and shapes. Continue the crisscross braiding in an intricate design as you cornrow back into a ponytail base. Then sweep the beautiful lemonade braids over the top. The fusion of precise cornrow patterns with flowing lemonade braids results in a hairstyle that's both rich in cultural heritage and ultra-stylish.

 Ghana Cornrows Lemonade Braids

43. Lemonade Braids with Shaved Sides

Amp up the edge with lemonade braids combined with shaved sides and back. Start by buzzing fun designs into one side of your head, leaving the top longer. Then sweep the braids over the shaved section for major contrast and pop. This badass style screams confidence.

 Lemonade Braids with Shaved Sides

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44. Ombre Lemonade Braids

Make your braids pop with ombre coloring for a fun look. Use extensions that gradially fade from a dark shade at the roots to lighter at the ends. Or get creative multi-color ombre like gray to blue. This modern coloring technique adds stylish dimension.

 Ombre Lemonade Braids

45. Small Lemonade Braids with Heart

Little braids call for little accents. Adorn cute small lemonade braids with just one tiny embroidered or beaded heart. Tie the heart onto the end of one front braid for a minimalist girly touch. Keep the rest of the mini braids embellishment-free for focus.

 Small Lemonade Braids with Heart

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46. Small Side Lemonade Braids

Petite braids don't have to mean plain. Make micro lemonade braids on just one side of the head and sweep them over. Small braids minimize tension on edges. Finish these mini braids with clear beads for a delicate accent.

 Small Side Lemonade Braids

47. Blue Lemonade Braids

Stand out from the crowd with brilliant blue lemonade braids. Shades from baby blue to cobalt electrify this style. For extra flair, accent with thin braids in metallic silver throughout the blue. This mermaid-worthy color is eye-catching perfection.

 Blue Lemonade Braids

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48. Middle Part Lemonade Braids

Switch up your part and braid direction with this middle part lemonade braid look. Part hair down the center, then cornrow each side back and braid the ends together into one tail. Style the tail into a bun or cascading braid.

 Lemonade Braids with Undercut

49. Lemonade Braids with Undercut

Make a seriously bold statement by pairing lemonade braids with a badass undercut. Buzz the back and sides of your head short, leaving length up top to braid. Then sweep the long braids over the shaved undercut section for major contrast.

 Lemonade Braids with Undercut

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50. Lemonade Braids in a Bun

Get your lemonade braids up and out of your face by pulling them into a polished topknot bun. Simple sweep all your braids together, twist into a bun shape and secure with pins and bands. Finish with a headwrap or scarf tied around the bun base for a cute updo.

 Lemonade Braids in a Bun

51.Zigzag Lemonade Braids

Usher in an edgy trendsetting look with the Zigzag Lemonade Braids Wig. This innovative style features the signature lemonade braids pulled back into a showstopping zigzag design. Thin braids are woven in an avant-garde crisscrossing formation, jumping diagonally from one side to the other along the hairline. The zigzag parting sculpts the braids into an eye-catching geometric pattern that turns heads. Wear this wig to amp up your style with a distinctly patterned lemonade twist.

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52.High Ponytail Lemonade Braids

Elevate the classic lemonade braids into a striking high ponytail. After cornrowing the hair along one side and back, all the braids are pulled up into a lofty ponytail position high atop the head. This lengthens the silhouette and creates a sophisticated visage. The sweeping braids are piled majestically on crown in this upgraded take on the tried-and-true style. Secured flawlessly atop, the high ponytail lemonade braids exude polished glamour and flair.

53.Fishtail Lemonade Braids

Take your lemonade braids to new heights with an intricate fishtail design. This innovative style begins with neat cornrows along one side, then the braids are woven together into an elaborate fishtail pattern down the length. The crisscrossing braid formation creates an eye-catching texture and layered dimensionality. Subtle accents like beads enhance the eye-catching detailing of this technical twist on the classic look. Achieve high-fashion flair with the fishtail lemonade braids updo.

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As you can see, there are lots of inventive ways to create this lovely braided look.

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We hope this article has provided inspiration for the many ways you can style lemonade braids. Whether you choose to install them yourself or opt for a ready-made wig, this braided hairstyle is a gorgeous option for any occasion.