The Benefits of Box Braid Wigs for Hair Growth

The Benefits of Box Braid Wigs for Hair Growth - FANCIVIVI Box Braid Wigs

It seems that since I was 18 years old, I have been struggling with slow hair growth and constant hair breakage. No matter what products I tried or techniques I attempted with my natural hair, it never seemed to grow past a certain length or point of thickness before breaking off again. This meant that I could not choose my favorite hairstyle and often changed my hairstyle. However, over the last few months since I started regularly wearing box braid wigs, I've been thrilled to see a transformation in my natural hair's growth, length, and overall health.

Wearing wigs for black women, such as box braid wigs, can be especially beneficial for those with fragile hair or slow hair growth. Box braid wigs provide the appearance of small knotless braids or large knotless braids without the tension and potential breakage that comes with braiding your own hair. The knotless braids style created by the wig reduces manipulation on the natural hair, allowing it to grow longer and thicker over time.

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When I first purchased a box braid wig around six months ago, my goal was simply to try out a new hairstyle and have some fun experimenting with my look. I had seen box braid wigs online and was intrigued by how realistic they looked, as well as the convenience of a ready-made style I could just put on. The wig I bought looked incredibly amazingly similar to real box braids, with tight rows of thin braids. I was stunned by how realistic it appeared on me and how easy it was to put on and go. No effort or skills were required—I just need to secure the wig onto my natural hair with clips or wig tape without effort and technique and I had an instant style ready to wear.

Wearing box braid wigs has been even more surprising than how easy they are to wear. I've discovered that wearing the wigs has helped my natural hair's growth and progress over time. In several ways, I've noticed significant improvements in my own hair's growth, thickness, and overall health:


•Reduced manipulation and tension

Because box braid wigs provide the appearance of braids without the actual braiding, they significantly reduce the manipulation and pulling on my natural hair. There's no need to braid or twist my real hair to create the style, nor is there repeated tension from tight braids. This reduction in stress on my hair follicles has been key to experiencing less breakage and faster growth. The less my hair is pulled, twisted, or put under tension, the happier and healthier it is. With more wig wearing and less styling, I've seen definitive growth in how long my hair has been able to grow without breaking off. My hair has reached lengths it's never achieved before thanks to this decrease in stress and tension.

•Increased moisturizatione

With my natural hair covered by the wig, it's better protected from drying out. It's shielded from the dehydrating effects of sun and wind exposure, as well as other environmental factors. The wig acts as an extra barrier helping my hair to retain more moisture. For growth, keeping hair properly hydrated is crucial. The added and ongoing moisture has made a noticeable difference in how soft, supple, and breakage-free my natural hair has become. The less dry and damaged my hair is, the more it's able to thrive. Theis increased in moisture has been vital to my hair's growth and health.

•No heat styling required

Another significant terrific benefit is that the box braid wig means no need for heat styling tools on my natural hair. This allows my hair to avoid the damaging effects of repeated heat styling, including drying, breakage, and slowed growth. Especially for fragile or easily damaged hair like mine, limiting heat styling is important crucial. By wearing the box braid wig and giving my natural hair a break from the hot tools, it's able to grow and thrive without that potential damage. Less heat styling has been vital to my hair's progress. I don't need to repeatedly use heat styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. This has allowed my hair to grow in healthier than ever before.

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After seeing the significant noticeable benefits to my natural hair from regularly wearing box braid wigs, I've become an avid proponent of their use for hair growth and health. While wigs are often viewed solely as a styling tool to change up a look, they can actually have meaningful benefits for the hair underneath if our natural hair if you wear it regularly to protect natural hair. The reduced manipulation and increased moisture, in particular, All of the listed benefits have been transformative for my hair's progress. This combination has allowed my hair to grow longer than ever before and with fewer issues.

If you struggle with slow hair growth or breakage and like the box braid hairstyle, Box Braid Wigs could be worth exploring to meet your hair goals. However, it's important to choose high-quality wigs made of natural, breathable fibers. One brand that offers wigs is FANCIVIVI, which handcrafts wigs to provide the look of box braids without stress or damage to hair. By protecting your natural hair and reducing manipulation and heat styling, FANCIVIVI wigs and other options can help hair grow longer and stronger over time with regular use and personal experimentation to find what works best for your unique hair and needs.