15 Gorgeous Medium Box Braid Styles to Try This Year

15 Gorgeous Medium Box Braid Styles to Try This Year


Box braids have long been celebrated as a versatile and protective hairstyle, and their popularity shows no signs of diminishing in 2023. Among the various lengths available, medium box braids offer a perfect balance between practicality and styling options.


This article explores 15 stunning medium box braid styles that are set to dominate the hair scene in 2023. We will delve into classic braids, creative variations, styling options, and unique styles to help you rock this timeless and fashionable look. Additionally, we'll touch upon the importance of proper wig maintenance for the overall health and longevity of your box braids.


I. Classic Box Braids:

1. Traditional Waist-Length Box Braids:

Traditional Waist-Length Box Braids

Waist-length box braids epitomize the classic and timeless appeal of this hairstyle. The length provides incredible versatility, allowing you to experiment with various updos, half-up styles, or letting them flow freely. We'll explore the benefits and styling options for this iconic look.


2. Shoulder-Length Box Braids with Accessories:

Shoulder-Length Box Braids with Accessories

Embrace the trend of accessorizing your shoulder-length box braids with stylish elements. From beads and cuffs to colorful strings, accessories can elevate your braids and add a touch of personal flair. We'll showcase different accessory options and how they can transform your shoulder-length box braids.


3. Collarbone-Length Box Braids with Side Part:

Collarbone-Length Box Braids with Side Part

A sleek side part adds elegance and sophistication to collarbone-length box braids. We'll discuss the impact of parting styles and how they can enhance your overall look. Whether you prefer a deep side part or a subtle shift, we'll provide tips on achieving the perfect side-parted collarbone-length box braids.


II. Creative Box Braid Styles:

4. Bob-Length Box Braids with Undercut:

Bob-Length Box Braids with Undercut

For those seeking a contemporary and edgy vibe, bob-length box braid wigs with an undercut are a perfect choice. We'll delve into the versatility of this style, allowing for various updos, half-up hairstyles, or letting the braids cascade freely.


5. Layered Box Braids with Highlights:

Layered Box Braids with Highlights

Add dimension and vibrancy to your medium box braids with highlights. We'll explore the trend of incorporating highlights into layered box braids, providing examples of popular highlight colors and their complementary effects.


6. Asymmetrical Medium Box Braids:

Asymmetrical Medium Box Braids

Embrace your individuality with asymmetrical box braids. By opting for one side shorter or styled differently, you can create a unique and eye-catching look. We'll discuss different asymmetrical styles and how they can make a statement.


III. Styling Options for Medium Box Braids:

7. Half-Up, Half-Down Box Braid Style:

Half-Up, Half-Down Box Braid Style

Discover the versatility of the half-up, half-down style with medium box braids. This style showcases the length and texture of the braids while keeping them off your face. We'll provide step-by-step instructions on achieving this effortlessly chic look.


8. Top Knot or High Bun with Box Braids:

 Top Knot or High Bun with Box Braids

Elevate your medium box braids with a top knot or high bun. Whether you're going for a sleek and polished look or a more relaxed and voluminous style, we'll explore different techniques to achieve a secure and fashionable updo.


9. Box Braid Ponytail:

Box Braid Ponytail

Ponytails are a timeless option for medium box braids. We'll discuss the various styles of ponytails, including high, low, or side ponytails, and the different ways you can customize them to suit your personal taste.


IV. Unique Medium Box Braid Styles:

10. Box Braid Bob with Bangs:

Box Braid Bob with Bangs

Embrace a youthful and chic look with a box braid bob paired with bangs. We'll delve into the versatility of this style, highlighting the ability to customize the length and thickness of the braids to suit your preferences.


11. Box Braid Updo with Twists or Braided Crown:

Box Braid Updo with Twists or Braided Crown

Elevate your box braids with an updo incorporating twists or a braided crown. This style exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for special occasions or a stylish everyday look. We'll provide step-by-step instructions to help you achieve this stunning updo.


12. Box Braid Space Buns:

Box Braid Space Buns

Tap into the playful and trendy side of medium box braids with space buns. We'll explore different techniques and variations, such as adding ribbons, beads, or flowers to enhance the whimsical appeal of this style.


13. Box Braid Mohawk:

Box Braid Mohawk

Make a bold statement with a box braid mohawk. This edgy style showcases your individuality and allows for creative expression. We'll discuss variations, such as braiding the sides or leaving them loose, so you can find the perfect box braid mohawk that suits your personality.


14. Jumbo Medium Box Braids:

Jumbo Medium Box Braids

Embrace a statement-making look with jumbo-sized medium box braids. We'll explore the impact of jumbo braids and discuss the benefitsof this style, such as reduced installation time and a bold aesthetic.


15. Medium Box Braids with Ombre:

 Medium Box Braids with Ombre

Stay on-trend with medium box braids featuring an ombre effect. We'll delve into the world of ombre colors and how they can add depth and dimension to your braids. From subtle transitions to bold contrasts, we'll explore different ombre options to suit your style.


V. Alternative Option: Full Lace Wigs for Box Braid Styles:


If you're looking to embrace the beauty of box braids without committing to the time and effort required for installation, full lace wigs can be a fantastic alternative. These wigs offer convenience, versatility, and the opportunity to effortlessly switch up your hairstyle. Here's how full lace wigs can complement your desire for stunning medium box braid styles in 2023:


1. Instant Box Braid Transformation:

Full lace wigs allow you to achieve the look of medium box braids instantly. With pre-braided or pre-styled options available, you can skip the hours spent in the salon chair and simply slip on a wig for an immediate transformation.


2. Styling Freedom:

Full lace wigs provide the flexibility to experiment with different box braid styles without committing to a single look. You can easily switch between various braid lengths, thicknesses, and even colors, allowing you to adapt your hairstyle to different occasions or personal preferences.


3. Protective Style Benefits:

Just like traditional box braids, full lace wigs offer the advantage of being a protective hairstyle. They can help shield your natural hair from environmental damage, reduce manipulation, and promote healthy hair growth.


4. Easy Maintenance:

Full lace wigs require less maintenance compared to traditional box braids. You can simply remove the wig for cleansing and care, ensuring that your natural hair and scalp receive the attention they need. Additionally, storing the wig properly when not in use preserves its quality and prolongs its lifespan.


When considering full lace wigs, be sure to select a wig that matches your desired box braid style in terms of length, thickness, and texture. Human hair full lace wigs provide the most realistic look and allow for heat styling, while synthetic options offer affordability and convenience.


VI. Alternative Option: Knotless Braids for Box Braid Styles:


Another trendy option to consider for achieving medium box braid styles in 2023 is knotless braids. This innovative braiding technique has gained popularity due to its natural and seamless look. Here's why knotless braids are worth considering:


1. Natural and Lightweight Look:

Knotless braids are created by starting with your natural hair and gradually adding extensions without using a knot at the base. This technique results in a more natural and lightweight appearance, as there are no visible knots or bumps along the hairline.


2. Reduced Tension and Scalp Irritation:

Unlike traditional box braids that start with a knot, small knotless braids put less tension on the hair and scalp. This can help minimize the risk of discomfort and scalp irritation, making knotless braids a more gentle option for those with sensitive scalps.


3. Versatile Styling Options:

Knotless braids offer versatility when it comes to styling. You can wear them in a variety of ways, including updos, half-up styles, or even let them hang freely. The absence of knots at the base allows for more flexibility in parting and styling your braids.


4. Natural Hairline and Growth Retention:

With knotless braids, the absence of knots at the base gives a more natural-looking hairline. It also allows for better access to your scalp, making it easier to care for your natural hair and promote healthy hair growth while wearing the braids.


5. Longer Lasting Results:

Knotless braids tend to have a longer lifespan compared to traditional box braids. The gradual installation technique creates a more secure foundation, reducing the chances of braids becoming loose or unraveling prematurely.


When opting for knotless braid wig, it's important to choose a skilled stylist who is experienced in this technique. Additionally, proper maintenance, such as regular moisturizing of the scalp and gentle cleansing, will help keep your knotless braids looking fresh and well-maintained.



In conclusion, medium box braids offer a perfect balance of practicality and styling options, making them a go-to hairstyle for 2023. From classic waist-length braids to creative variations like bob-length braids with an undercut, there are endless possibilities to express your individuality. Styling options such as half-up, half-down styles, top knots, and ponytails allow for versatility and convenience. For those seeking unique and bold looks, box braid bobs with bangs, updos with twists or braided crowns, and space buns provide exciting choices.


Lastly, the jumbo-sized braids and ombre effects add extra flair to your medium box braids. Remember, proper maintenance and care are essential for the health and longevity of your braids. At FANCIVIVl, we believe that every black woman deserves to feel empowered and embrace her unique beauty. Our braided wigs are designed to help you effortlessly rock the box braid look while offering convenience and versatility. Whether you're looking to switch up your style, protect your natural hair, or simply enjoy the beauty of braids, our wigs are the perfect solution.


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