10 Creative Ways to Style Your Braided Box Wig

10 Creative Ways to Style Your Braided Box Wig


Braided hair is making a comeback, and for good reason. Braids are a protective style that preserves your natural hair appearing healthy while yet allowing you to make a statement with colored extensions. A braided box wig takes braids to the next level by producing a refined, wig-like appearance using box braids. 

I recently purchased a high-quality braided box wig and have been playing with numerous styling options. Here are ten unique ways I've found to style my braided box wig:

Wavy crochet twist

To produce loose curls and waves, divide the wig into sections and tease them with a comb. After that, braid little portions and fasten them at the ends with elastic hair ties or yarn. This design provides dimension and texture. 

box braided wig - 1

Bantu knot crown

Section the top part of the wig into rows and backcomb each row to create lift and volume. Bantu knot the backcombed sections to enhance the fullness of the crown. This nears a natural-looking afro style.

Loose braid crown

For a carefree, disheveled appearance, loosely braid the top layer of hair while leaving some bits out. To keep the braids from unraveling, fasten them at the ends with elastic hair ties or string. For a relaxed day or when running errands, loose braid crowns are ideal. 

Fishtail braid crown

Section the hair into numerous rows across the top of the wig and fishtail braid each row, intertwining the braids as you go to create a crown braid. Fishtail braid crowns have a polished, intricate feel that is suited for going out or special events.

box braided wig - 2

Cornrow extensions

In order to make cornrows that go across the hairline, down the sides, and across the back of the neck, ask your stylist to sew in micro link or track extensions to the Briaded Wig. Although they call for time and skill, cornrow extensions can be a lovely design.  


For an everyday simple style, slide a patterned or solid fabric headband over the top of the wig to cover the hairline. Headbands instantly transform the vibe and coverage of the wig.

Side braid

Make three equal divisions in the wig: left, centre, and right. Leaving the middle section slack, braid the left and right sections securely against the sides of the head. The tight side braids and loose middle braids contrast to create depth. For a warm day or an active day, side braids are ideal. 

box braided wig - 3

Twisted crown

Section the top layer of hair into rows and backcomb each row upwards and outwards to achieve height and volume. Once backcombed, twist each section atop the head, securing the twisted layers at the base with hair ties. A twisted crown has a vintage, pin-up feel to it.

Half up half down style

At the nape of the neck, gather half the wig and pull it up into a high ponytail. To add height and balance, wrap the ponytail around the base and secure it with bobby pins or hairpins. The box braided wig's loose second half will fall down the back. This fashion suits coming home after a night out. 

Wavy mermaid style

Apply heat and wave to the entire wig using a curling iron to create beachy, haphazard waves. The end result should resemble a mermaid's hair with voluminous, wavy locks. Wavy mermaid styles work as a bright, metaphoric look for a summer occasion or festival.

box braided wig - 4


A braided box wig can be worn in a variety of ways. These ten fashion suggestions should help you come up with original ensembles that reflect your individual style or mood. Therefore, embrace trying new things. Braided box wigs can achieve glamorous or natural looks. Over time, these wigs resemble a distinctive hairstyle. 

One of the joys of wearing braided box wigs is that hairstyle changes also become swift and carefree. You're never more than a comb, brush, elastic tie, hair pin or heat styling tool away from a brand new look. Braided box wigs are a protective style that keeps your natural hair looking healthy while still feeding your creativity. I hope you found these styling suggestions helpful!

box braided wig - 5

I've gotten used to wearing a braided box wig, and I hope these styling suggestions will motivate you to come up with fresh ways to personalize the wig. Braided box wigs are adaptable, protective hairpieces that can grow to be a dependable hair ally. Keep your options open and enjoy yourself while doing it! FANCIVIVI is a brand that makes high-quality braided wigs and hair extensions for women of color. We think that every woman has the right to feel strong and confident from head to toe.

Our natural-looking, multi-purpose cosmetics are intended to compliment a wide range of complexion tones, hair types, and personal styles. I hope you found these styling tips useful! FANCIVIVI strives to deliver outstanding service and support to all of its customers. We hope to see you again soon to experiment with new braided looks!