Quick Hairstyles for Medium Box Braids When You're in a Rush

Quick Hairstyles for Medium Box Braids When You're in a Rush



Box braids is a gorgeous protective style that makes you rock beautiful braided looks without daily styling like full lace wigs require. However, even low-maintenance braids require some finesse to look polished for work, school, events or nights out. When you’re rushed for time, it’s tricky to style medium box braids in chic updos or decorative designs beyond a basic ponytail.


But this time, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll provide quick and cute hairstyle ideas for medium box braids that come together in just minutes when you’re in a hurry. We’ll also include tips on prepping and accessorizing braids to amplify your look. With these easy styles, you’ll never show up with a messy top knot again. Read on to discover flattering ways to style your shoulder-to-armpit-length box braids in a snap!


Prepping Medium Length Box Braids for Quick Styling


Properly maintaining your medium box braids between appointments is crucial for keeping them looking neat and ready for quick styling.


Be diligent about moisturizing braids daily to keep the hair conditioned and prevent dryness. You should focus on saturating the ends with a spray leave-in conditioner or water, then seal in moisture by applying oil along the length of the braids.


At night, gently gather braids into a loose pineapple shape on top of your head and cover with a satin bonnet. The smooth satin fabric will minimize friction that can lead to frizz and flyaways.


Throughout the week, pay attention to your braids and make adjustments as needed. Look for any parts that may need tidying up or loose braids that need tightening. You can dip the ends of braids in warm water to reshape and re-curl any fibers that have unraveled.


If the edges or perimeter of your braided style start to appear fuzzy or frizzy, use a gel edge control product to smooth down flyaways and strays. This will keep the overall look neat and polished.


All in all, taking time for regular braid care will keep your hair conditioned, frizz-free, and orderly so that rushed morning styling is quicker and easier. And you could know more about Knotless Braids for this medium-length braids. Now let's go over some chic hairstyles for medium box braids that come together fast when you're short on time!


10-Minute Braided Hairstyle Ideas


Half Up/Half Down


This elegant style takes only minutes but looks like you spent time styling your braids. Simply gather evenly distributed top braids into a ponytail at the crown, leaving bottom braids loose. For volume, gently backcomb the ponytail base before securing with an elastic and concealing with a decorative hair accessory. When preparing for these braids, you should leave a few face-framing pieces down in front for a soft finish.


Double Top Buns


First, double buns adds height and personality quickly. Secondly, separate braids into top and bottom halves, then gather the top into a ponytail. Thirdly, you ought to twist it into a tight spiral bun shape, tucking ends under, and secure it with bobby pins as needed. Finally, repeat for a second higher bun, either staggered or symmetrical and remember to use gel to slick down the perimeter for a polished effect.


Faux Hawk


For an edgy style in an instant, brush the center braids smoothly and sweep sides back tightly. Gather and bunch the central braids upward, securing ends together at the crown. You should make sure that pieces fall forward at the temples to frame your face and use gel to set the shape.


15-30 Minute Elevated Updos


When you have a bit more morning wiggle room, upgrade your look with these chic braided updos:


Top Knot Bun


For modern edge, tightly tie all braids into a very top-positioned ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a compact coil shape, tucking ends under to form a tidy, knotted bun. Be careful to fan the ends out slightly across the bun and define parts with gel for a sleek finish.


Fanned High Ponytail


Smooth all braids into a high ponytail atop the crown, pulling apart gently width-wise so the ponytail fans out. Going forward, you could wrap a scarf, chain or braid around the base to conceal the hair tie. This creates as statuesque and elegant shape as Butterfly Locs Wig.


Half-Up Curly Ends


For special occasions, curl the mid-shaft to ends of your braids with flexi-rods or Bantu knots, and then pull the top section into a ponytail or bun, leaving the bottom curly braids loose for a feminine, romantic vibe. if you want to save time, just try this knotless braid wig.




Box braids are the ultimate convenient protective style, enabling you to wake up, run out the door, and still look put together with minimal styling. When you're rushed in the mornings, opt for flattering half updos, double buns, or basic braided shapes that can be executed quickly with a bit of practice. You could also amp up any basic look in seconds by curling braid ends or decorating with fun accessories for these braided wigs for black women. With these easy style hacks for medium box braids, you'll turn heads no matter how hurried your morning!


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