Mastering the Art of Styling Wigs with Box Braids for a Natural Appearance

Mastering the Art of Styling Wigs with Box Braids for a Natural Appearance

I've experimented with a number of wigs throughout the years since I like to change up my hairstyles. I've experimented with everything, from full lace wigs to knotless locs.

Knotless Locs

While knotless locs are another well-liked wig type that can give you a natural look, box braid wigs are my particular preference. Knotless locs are a particular kind of crochet wig in which the locs are made using a knotless method. The wig seems more realistic thanks to this method because there aren't any obvious braids or knots. The procedure for styling knotless loc wigs is comparable to that of styling box braid wigs. You want to shape your baby hairs, part your wig, and give it a natural-looking hairline. In order to keep your wig looking its best, you should also be careful to maintain it appropriately.

Full Lace Wigs

Another well-liked wig design that can give you a natural appearance is full lace. You can part your hair in any direction with these wigs because the lace cap covers the entire head. Because the lace cap lets your scalp show through, giving the wig the appearance of natural hair, it looks more realistic. When styling full lace wigs, it's crucial to pick the lace color that best complements your skin tone. Ensure that your wig has a natural-looking hairline and is parted to resemble how your own hair would be styled.

But the box braid wig has to be my fave. It not only provides a natural appearance, but it also enables me to change up my hairdo without committing to braids for extended periods of time. I'll be giving my advice on how to perfect the skill of box braiding wigs for a natural look in this article.

Selecting the Best Wig

You must pick the best box braid wig before you can begin styling it. When choosing a wig, there are a number of things to take into account, such as length, color, and texture. You should also think about the size of the braids when buying a box braid wig.

The size of the braids can significantly alter how your wig will look in the end. While larger braids may appear more manufactured, smaller braids typically look more natural. Smaller braids are also simpler to style and might give you more options for how to split your wig.

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You should select a wig that closely resembles the texture of your real hair when it comes to texture. This will make it easier for your wig to match your hairline perfectly and give it a more realistic appearance. Find a wig with a comparable texture if your hair is naturally wavy or curly.

How to Style a Wig

After selecting the ideal wig, it's time to begin styling it. Your natural hair would appear to be braided if your box braid wig were styled in a manner that resembles that appearance. Here are some pointers to help you look more natural:

Naturalize your hairline

Making a natural-looking hairline is the first step in styling your wig. Use a wig cap that complements your skin tone and cut it to fit your hairline to achieve this. To give the wig cap a more natural appearance once you've put it on, use tweezers to remove some of the hairs from the hairline.

Dividing Your Hair

A natural appearance can only be achieved by parting your wig. You can part your wig either in the middle or on the side, depending on the look you're looking for. Make a tidy portion in your wig by using a rat tail comb.

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Styling Your Baby Hairs

If you have baby hairs, you can style them with gel or edge control. Apply the product and smooth down your edges with a toothbrush or a little brush.

Adding Accessories

You can use accessories like headbands or scarves to give your wig a more realistic appearance. These could help to mask the wig cap and give the appearance of being more natural.

Maintaining Your Wig

Once you've styled your wig, it's critical to maintain it properly to keep it looking great. Here are some pointers to keep your box braid wig looking great:

Wash Your Wig

You should periodically wash your wig to keep it shining and smelling good. Your wig can be washed with a gentle shampoo and conditioner before being allowed to air dry.

Protect Your Wig at Night

You should guard your wig at night to keep it from being tangled or damaged. To keep your wig in place while you sleep, use a silk or satin scarf or pillowcase.

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Avoid Heat

It's preferable to avoid using heat on box braid wigs, even if certain wigs can be styled with it. Heat can make the braids frizz and lose their shape, which will make the wig look less natural.

Store Your Wig Properly

It's critical to properly preserve your wig while it's not being worn in order to prevent tangling and damage. Your wig can be kept on a wig stand, mannequin head, or hung up using a hanger.


When styling wigs with box braids, knotless locs, or full lace caps, you can change up your hairstyle without committing to a long-term look. By using the right techniques and maintaining your hair properly, you may get a natural appearance that mimics your own hair. When choosing a wig, take into account the texture, color, and size of the braids or locs. Create a natural hairline, part your wig, style your baby hairs, and add accessories while styling to improve the look of naturalness. A variety of fashionable and high-quality wigs that suit various hair types, skin tones, and preferences are displayed on our website, FANCIVIVI. FANCIVIVI aspires to assist customers attain their desired look with confidence and ease via our dedication to provide first-rate customer service and reasonable costs.

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Remember to maintain your wig clean, preserve it properly, protect it from heat, and wear a cover at night. You may master the art of box braiding wigs to give them a natural appearance with the aid of these tips.