The Different Types of Box Braid Wigs: Find Your Perfect Match

The Different Types of Box Braid Wigs: Find Your Perfect Match


I've always been attracted by box braid wigs as a wig enthusiast and wearer. Their elaborate braiding and natural, dramatic designs have swiftly become must-haves for a slew of celebrities, social media influencers, and everyday people. Box braid wigs have completely transformed the wig and hair extension industry, offering more diverse and individualized options than ever before.

However, with the rise in popularity came an influx of styles, lengths, textures and more. What initially seemed like such a simple style now has endless variations, leaving me overwhelmingly confused as to where to even begin. I felt as though I had options paralysis, staring at pages of wigs unable to determine which characteristics and specifics would suit me the best.

After several hours of study, watching tutorial videos, and evaluating photographs of styles on women with comparable features and hair types, I determined that the only way to make a decision was to further educate myself on the various varieties of box braid wigs available. I wanted to completely comprehend my alternatives so that I could evaluate which would be the best, unique match for my needs and stylistic preferences.

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Only once I understood the distinctions between classic box braids, micro box braids, Ravix braids, cornrows, Louisiana braids, half wigs, wefts and all the combinations in between, did I feel prepared to make a selection. With a full understanding of the varying lengths, thicknesses, textures, levels of volume and coverage across styles, I could look at options with a discerning and critical eye. At long last, after my research, I was ready to get my hands on the box braid wig that I knew would suit me best. My tedious yet diligent work had paid off, and I found my perfect match.

Classic Box Braid Wig

The classic box braid wig is the most frequently used form. These are constructed up of small rectangular parts that are braided together to form box-shaped braids that envelop the head. They have a natural, low-maintenance appearance and come in a variety of lengths, ranging from shoulder-length to full-length styles. The braids can also vary in thickness, from fine and delicate to thick and coarse. These wigs are very versatile and flattering on most face shapes and skin tones. If you want a simple, low-fuss wig that looks natural, a classic box braid wig is probably your best choice.

Micro Box Braid Wig

Micro box braid wigs are a bit more intricate, with even smaller braids that look almost like hair extensions. They provide fuller coverage and more volume, creating a dramatic, lush look. These wigs are on the more expensive side, but they appear amazingly lifelike. Micro box braid wigs are ideal for someone looking for fullness and drama without committing to hair extensions.

Ravix Box Braid Wigs

Ravix box braid wigs have broader, spherical braids rather than rectangle-shaped braids. They have a more trendy, edgy vibe than the classic style. Ravix wigs are ideal for folks who desire an edgier look or who like to change up their haircut frequently. The larger braids can also be restyled in different ways for multiple looks. Ravix box braid wigs appeal to those with a bold, stylish sense of fashion.

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Louisiana Box Braid Wigs

Louisiana box braid wigs stand out with their bohemian, carefree feel. They have uneven braids crafted in a messy, undone style. Louisiana wigs are ideal for people looking for a low-maintenance wig with plenty of volume and structure. They look best on people with heart-shaped faces and oval faces. A Louisiana box braid wig gives men volume and covering on top without the trouble of daily combing short hair.

Cornrow Box Braid Wigs

Cornrow box braid wigs are narrow, tightly woven braids that create a sleek, professional look. They are less voluminous, with a flattering style that emphasizes the angles of the face. Cornrow wigs require less maintenance but still provide a protective style option. They can be dressed up or down as needed and work with any face shape or hair type. If you prefer a sleeker, less textured wig, cornrow braid hair is an excellent choice.

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Half-Wig Styles

Demi wigs and headband wigs provide coverage on top while allowing your natural hair to show on the sides and back. They provide an alternative for those who do not require full covering but still require assistance styling their hair in the morning. The half-width provides mobility and prevents excess heat, which is beneficial in hot weather. Headband wigs will require wearing a wig headband, while demi wigs simply attach and blend with your natural hairline. These types of half-width wigs provide the most versatility.

Wefts Box Braid Wigs

Wefts box braid wigs have clusters of human hair wefts that are hand-sewn into the cap for increased realism. Wefts provide extra volume, body and movement, suiting anyone wanting a wig that looks and feels completely natural. Wefts box braid wigs are more expensive due to the increased expense of the wefts, but many people believe they are worth the money for an unrivaled lifelike look.

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In the end, the box braid wig that is perfect for you comes down to your unique needs, preferences, and personal style. Do some research on the different options, look at photos of styles you love, and consider your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle.

A high-quality wig custom-made for you will have you feeling confident and at ease in no time. I hope this advice has assisted you in finding your ideal box braid wig match!

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