The Benefits of Wearing Box Braids for Natural Hair

The Benefits of Wearing Box Braids for Natural Hair


As a naturalista with thick, mostly unprocessed hair, I am always looking for styles that are low maintenance but still stylish and protective of my hair growth. Box braids have become one of my go-to hairstyles over the years for this reason. They provide a variety of benefits for natural hair that make them well worth the investment. This article will tell you why box braids is good for your natural hair.


Box braids are protective. When my hair is braided, I don't have to worry about damage from heat styling, dying, perming or relaxing treatments. The braids shield my hair from the sun's harsh UV rays and environmental pollutants that can cause breakage. I can swim, use hair products with harsh chemicals, and engage in other activities without worry of damage. Once I take out the braids, my hair feels hydrated and strong.

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Promotes Hair Growth

Box braids also promote hair growth. By securing the hair close to the scalp, braids create tension that stimulates hair follicles and increased circulation to the hair roots. This can help hair grow longer and stronger over time. I have noticed more hair growth around the edges and top of my hairline since regularly wearing box braids. Both box braids and knotless braids have the potential to boost hair growth when worn for longer periods. 

Provides Style and Versatility

Box braids provide style and versatility. From simple grids to more intricate patterns, there are many styles of box braids to choose from. I can get different styles on different parts of my head for versatility. Box braids also pair well with accessories like headbands, hair picks, hairpins and hair curlers to create different looks. They go from casually chic to glamorous red carpet-ready. There are endless styling possibilities with box braids.

Benefits of Natural Hairstyle

Box braids keep my hair protected from damage while still embracing my natural texture. I can shield my hair from heat styling, sun exposure, weather and environmental pollutants that could cause breakage without compromising my natural hair journey. Box braids and small knotless braids allow me to care for my hair healthily without needing relaxes, permed or color treated hair. I can enhance my natural beauty through braids rather than chemical manipulations.

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Wearing box braids empowers me to define my own terms of beauty. I am not confined to straight styles just because I have naturally curly hair. I can explore glamour, volume, coverage and more through braids alone on my own schedule. There are no limitations on the styles I can achieve based solely on my hair type. I am in control of my style evolution and can change at will without commitment to a particular chemical process. Box braids present possibilities rather than permanence. They are a journey of discovering new ways of expressing myself through my hair rather than an end point. My stylistic freedom and control are within reach through the versatility this natural hairstyle provides. Overall, box braids allow me to embrace and celebrate my natural texture proudly on my own terms.  They are empowering in the possibilities they present each and every day.

Longevity and Limited Manipulation

Box braids save me time and money by lasting between salon visits. I can get box braids installed and not need to return for 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the style. This reduces frequent trips to the salon and budgeting for touch up appointments or redo's. My hair is secured and protected for extended periods so I can enjoy the style for weeks at a time before any manipulation is needed. The longevity of box braids makes them an affordable and low-maintenance choice. Knotless braids hairstyles are also a great alternative for those who want braids but find traditional styles uncomfortable.

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Limited manipulation of the hair roots is another key benefit of box braids. When hair is braided and secured, no additional heat styling, Teasing, detangling or other processes that can potentially cause damage or breakage are needed. My hair roots get to rest, which can help reduce hair loss over time with the limited traction on the hairline. gently styling my hair as infrequently as possible also helps preserve length by mitigating split ends. Box braids create less disruption to hair growth cycles and the delicate hair follicle structure than frequent styling changes. Overall health and longevity of my hair are prioritized when manipulation is minimal.

Detangling and washing box braids is simple, preventing knots, matting and tangling that could otherwise form requiring harsh chemicals, heat or time-consuming detangling to undo. I can wet and deep condition braids then go about my day with minimal fuss. Once I am ready to take out the braids, my hair is detangled and ready to style as usual. No unraveling or unraveling hours of matting and knots are needed. Easy detangling and low-fuss styling are built into the box braid experience from start to finish, keeping my hair healthy, tangle-free and low-maintenance overall.


Box braids keep my hair secured and off of my neck, preventing irritation and discomfort in hot weather. When weather warms up and hair is likely to cling to the neck due to sweat, box braids keep all hair braided and elevated. No hair is resting on the neck, so I can avoid irritation from hair against sensitive skin or discomfort from heat and humidity trapped by hair on the neck. I can stay comfortable in warm temperatures without worry of neck irritation or heat-related issues.

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When cold weather arrives, I can cover braided hair with a warm hat for extra comfort and style. Rather than needing to wrap loose hair in a scarf which can be tedious, I can simply place a hat over braided hair and ears to keep warm without fuss. Braided hair also creates an extra layer of insulation under a hat, keeping more warmth close to the scalp. For sporting outdoor winter activities or just running cold-weather errands, a hat and braids keep me cozy and prepared for colder months.

Box braids can also help camouflage thin parts or balding patches of hair for those with significantly damaged or processed hair. Braids help create fullness and coverage where needed, hiding flaws or imperfections and providing an evenly full and lush appearance. Whether using hair extensions or spacers within the braids, overall fullness and coverage of a beautiful braided style can mask underlying damage for a flattering, high-confidence look. Comfort is attained through camouflage and coverage in this way.

Whether preventing neck irritation, providing extra warmth or camouflaging damage, box braids deliver comfort through their ability to keep hair secured, covered and enhanced. Concealing flaws and sensitivities while promoting self-assurance leads to an overall comfortable experience. With box braids, comfort is readily accessible through low-maintenance style.


Box braids provide natural hair with protective, versatile and empowering styling solutions. They shelter hair from damage while enabling freedom of expression on one's own terms. Overall, these styles represent the ideal hairstyle for natural hair seeking style without compromise.

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